My Journey with 21-Day Fix Thus Far

Today makes Day 9 for the workouts portion of the 21-Day Fix.  For me, doing the workouts is the easy part.  We are told exactly which workout to do.  No thought process involved.  I love that.  There is no guess work.  No decisions to be made as to which workout should be performed.  Those decisions have already been made for you.

For me, the greatest challenge is the damn menu!  THERE ARE TOO MANY CHOICES!  This does not work well with me – at least not in the beginning.  The problem is there is no way to cater any meal plan to every person’s particular taste or desire.  I know this.  Hence me scouring the interwebs for the perfect (for me) menu/meal plan.  One that lays out everything that is about to be eaten on any given day.

I did not take any measurements until Thursday, 31 July 2014.  So, I will wait and take them again on thursday, 7 August 2014.  Now even though I did not take my measurements, I can definitely feel a difference.  I have a sweater shrug that was tight on my arms and when I wore it on this past Monday, it was definitely looser!  The top I’m wearing today is now laying correctly on me and not bunching up.  The same goes for the sweater shrug I’m wearing today.  The skirt is fitting just a smidge better.  I would love for it to be way better, but I will take what I can get!  🙂  All in all, the workouts are accomplishing something.  It’s the little victories!

As for the 21 Day Fix Meal Plan . . . Well, I’m working really hard to stick as close to it as I can.  I’ve slipped in some not-so-good-things here and there, but whenever I do, I jump right back on the plan wherever I may have slid down.

Last night, I did have two slices of pizza and five breadsticks spread out across about six and a half hours.  There was still quite a bit of pizza and a lot of breadsticks left as I walked out the door for work this morning.  Normally, I would have eaten those darn breadsticks until they were gone!  HOWEVER . . . I limited myself.  I have to admit, I am pretty dang proud of that particular accomplishment!  Pizza and Pasta are my downfalls!  😀

Overall, I will admit that I like this program.  It’s easy to follow for the most part.  I was a little confused about the containers, at first.  But after reading the book a couple of times through and reading what others said, I believe I finally have it figured out.

As with any program that has an infomercial out, I would REALLY love to know how many rounds of the program the people featured in them (infomercials) have actually completed.  I understand the results are not typical.  What I do not like is these bloody infomercials do not tell the whole story.  Did the person do only “Program X” or did that person combine it with “Program WW”?  If the person only did “Program X,” how many rounds did it take him/her to achieve those amazing results?

Yes, yes.  I know.  It takes hard work, dedication, determination, blood, sweat, tears, and MANY bad words to get those results.  Thankfully, I don’t typically watch infomercials.  I end up watching them after I’ve already bought the program!  Ha  I have NEVER EVER claimed to be right/normal in the head!  😀

I will be traveling to Texas to visit my daughter at the end of September.  I will have completed three rounds of 21-Day Fix by then.  I will take one week off at that time and then pick right back up upon my return home.  This is my mini-goal.  To be close to one dress/pants size smaller than I was when she last saw me at the end of June for my college graduation.

I am determined.  I am going to keep pushing play.  It WILL happen this time!


2 thoughts on “My Journey with 21-Day Fix Thus Far

  1. I am starting the 21 day fix on Sept. 2, and am thinking the menu planning might be the hardest part. I think each Sunday I am going to buy a package of chicken breast and cook it. I like fish so will get some Cod in those pre-packaged sizes. I love tuna, but cannot imagine it without mayo so will have to experiment with a greek yogurt/tuna salad thing.


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