My Week 1 Results . . .

Well . . . Today was the day I took my measurements.  It was time to see if this 21-Day Fix is having any effect on me.  The answer is yes.  I’m down 3.8 pounds but gained 1.75 inches.  I’m hoping the gain in inches is because I maybe measured in a different spot – even though I try to measure in the same spots all the time.  So, even though the results were meh in my opinion, I still lost.  It means I have to push that much harder and follow the meal plan that much closer.

I have my MRI tomorrow for my back.  When I get home, I think I shall go through my cabinets.  I need to take inventory to see just what I have.  Then, I will scour the interwebs to find healthy, quick-fix, tasty meals I can use with the 21-Day Fix meal plan.  I am such a picky eater.  The meals that come with the various programs I have (both The Firm, Tamilee Webb, and Team BeachBody) call for so many things I refuse to eat.

I’m not a fish eater.  I will eat tuna – chunk white, packed in water, on occasion.  Other than that, not so much.  I can’t stand sweet potatoes, any kind of melon, pears, asparagus, zucchini, any kind of squash really, and I’m not that big of a meat eater.

I HATE to cook.  It’s not that I can’t.  It’s that I choose not to.  So, this means I’m on the hunt for EASY to prepare meals.  The less time I spend in the kitchen, the happier I am.  🙂  I don’t mind microwaving.  I’m pretty good at that.  What I find amusing is that I don’t mind the clean up.  I am ever so grateful my husband does not mind doing it when he’s home!

The bottom line for my Week 1 Results from the 21-Day Fix is that it’s working!  I know I need to buckle down, push harder, and eat cleaner.  I should end up with even better results for Week 2, if I do!  My goal for the month of August is to be down at least 10 pounds and 4 inches overall.  The ultimate goal is to be down 100 pounds and 40 inches within one year.

It is absolutely doable.  I will achieve my goals this time.  Baby steps . . . Baby steps!


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