Rant for the Day . . .

I read a post on Facebook last night.  In this post, it began as one thing – the person venting about people saying they are going to do something and then not following through.  It was work related (not my work, but I could see his point).  At the end of his original post he said something to the effect of “so drop the ‘I’m too busy’ excuse . . . my guess is we are ALL equally busy, so suck it up and deliver.”  Some of the people commenting were a tad bit upset about it.  There were a few comments were made about life intervening and throwing circumstances that prevent someone from fulfilling said commitments.  At one point, another person had made a comment about the original poster not understanding because he doesn’t have children or something along those lines.  Well, this upset him (the original poster).  Clarification was made and the males “made up.”

The original poster’s wife chimed in being all “offended” about comments made about her spouse not understanding because he doesn’t have children.  She said, “Am  I offended by all of this – clearly to the core of my soul.”  She stated she “only chimed in because of the shots at the childless man…and through him, his wife.” 

WELL . . . What REALLY pisses me off about his and her rant is that they are NOT childless.  I know for a fact HE has a son.  They (father and son) may not be on speaking terms, but that does not mean he does not have a son.  This father CHOSE to not be in the son’s life.  For either the husband or wife to deny the existence of the said child burns my ass. 

The son saw the post.  He did not say too much but he did find some of the father’s comments ironic.  Is ok.  God doesn’t like ugly.

I don’t get it.  I. REALLY.  DO.  NOT.  GET.  IT.

Ok.  Rant over.


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