21 Day Fix Week 2 Results

Well . . . Today is Results Thursday.  Week 2 of my 21 Day Fix is now under my belt.   Week 1, I lost 3.8 pounds but gained 1.75 inches. This week, I gained 2.2 pounds but am down 2 inches. I know why I have such lousy results this week. It’s because I ate crap food on like four of the days. This means I need to buckle down and generate a menu I know I can stick with. UGH!! I love food way too much!! Ha

This is where I’m REALLY struggling . . . Planning the meals.  I WILL be preparing all my food on Sunday – regardless of what that may be.  I have two days to figure out the menu for the week.  Whatever it is, will be the same thing for the whole week.  I’ll do that for weeks 2 and 3, as well, just switch it up a bit.  I think that will be way easier for me.

I know I will see much better/greater results as long as I steer clear of the crap-tastic food and follow the meal plan to the letter.  🙂


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