21 Day Fix – Round 2

Started the 21 Day Fix, Round 2 yesterday.  I REALLY REALLY REALLY need to get the darn eating thing under control!!  UGH!  The exercise portion is definitely under control.  I find myself panicking if I cannot workout.  So, I make sure I workout no matter what.  I will let other things slide because working out is that important.  Now to apply it to my food!!

I will say this about the workouts.  They are working. My obliques are getting stronger.  I discovered this when doing the oblique crunches yesterday (Total Body Cardio Fix).  I was getting my shoulder blade up higher off the ground.  That is a definite improvement.  I was able to do many more “Surrenders” than I was the previous two weeks (Week 1 I accidentally did the Cardio Fix instead of the Total Body Cardio Fix workout 😮  Whoops!!).  I was really pleased with that.  I pushed through and am better for it today.

Then on the drive into work, I got slammed with a migraine.  It’s only a dull roar today.  I do not like them.  I don’t know if this one is from the weather (humidity has rolled in) or if it’s because I at all kinds of majorly crap-tastic food all weekend.  Again, it comes down to food choices and getting my damn eating under control.

Yesterday’s food wasn’t too bad.  I had my daily Shakeology (made with 8 oz fat free milk, banana, ice and a splash of hot water) for breakfast.  I had one red container of refried beans, one 6 in whole wheat tortilla, salsa, grapes, one red container of Vanilla Greek Yogurt (only 3 points on Weight Watchers Points Plus), apple with two teaspoons of all natural peanut butter, 1 oz deli turkey breast (made a wrap of them using the leftover refried beans), two plums, and an orange.  I broke down and bought a damn bag of Bugles out of the vending machine.  Today is a new day.  No vending machine trips for me. 

Cannot go shopping yet.  Need to make sure there is money to cover the bills.  I will be making due with what we have already on hand.  I still have a crap-ton of “healthy shit” as my youngest son calls it.  I just need to figure out what to make with it.  Whatever it is, it needs to be easy because I absolutely hate being in the damn kitchen!!  Ha

Went and had my eyebrows and upper lip waxed on Saturday.  As I was checking out, Lisa, the girl that does my waxing, was trying to key in the right wax job.  She was like, “No.  Not bikini.”  I said, “Hell no on the bikini!!  I have an overhang so there is no damn point in getting one of those!!”  That got her laughing so hard she started coughing.  She said she had never quite heard it put like that.  I told her I’m fat.  I know it.  There’s that skin overhang which definitely overshadows any blasted bikini line!  She can relate because she’s shorter and rounder than me.  I only made the comments I did because I know she can relate.

I’ve been reading other blogs.  Several are by others in the U.K.  Body image and obesity are not just issues here in the U.S.  I knew this but it never really “clicked” in my brain-housing group.  There are women (and men) who feel the same as I do – or very similar.  They are struggling just as we are here.  They are on a journey back to health just as I am. 

It gives me hope and encouragement to know there are others who just started their journey a short time ago and face the same daily struggles I do.  I hope I can be an inspiration to others the way they are to me.  🙂

I WILL achieve my goals this time.  There will be no more starting over.  I do not have time for that.  50 is fast approaching.  I want to be the healthiest I’ve ever been as I head into “middle age”.  🙂  It is doable.  It will be accomplished.


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