And Thus Begins Another Week . . .

I have about 15 minutes or so to get a quickie out.  This being Monday, it means the beginning of the work week and the beginning of Week 2 Round 2 of the 21 Day Fix.  I have to be honest.  I have yet to get the damn meal plan down.  I think I’ll be working diligently on that this evening . . . Provided it’s quiet.  (I have to work until 2030.)  If I can come up with a game plan for the week, I will be able to go shopping and then tomorrow evening do all the prep work.  Won’t happen tonight because I want to try to go to bed early.  I normally get up between 0400 and 0430 on the days I have to be to work at 0800.  That gives me time to take care of the dogs, get my workout in, get ready for work and finally drive to work.  I shoot to be out of the house by 0630.  It’s only a 35 minute drive.  I go in because I want to get this one certain parking spot.  There is an unmentioned rivalry between a co-worker and myself to see who can get there and get the spot.  I’m crazy like that.  Ha  If I have to leave my house at 0500 and get there by 0535 only to sit in the car for an hour and a half, I’m damn well nutty enough to do it!  😀  I think if it came down to that, I’d just park the car and then walk the mile or so down the road to Lake Michigan.  I would be able to watch the sun come up over the Lake.  Not quite the same as watching it come up over the ocean . . . But a close second.  🙂

I have to be honest.  I have skipped two workouts – one in the first round and one in the second.  They were the same workout:  “Yoga Fix.”  I let time slip away from me and I never got it in.  Being even more honest, I didn’t try very hard.  The yoga one is my least favorite.  It’s very hard on my back.  Some of the stretches feel great.  Most though, do not.  I have to force myself to do it.  The other six workouts I have no problem with.  BUT . . . I am resolving myself to get through that 30 minutes no matter what on next Sunday.  🙂

On Friday, 22 August 2014, my oldest son celebrated three years of being an Active Duty Marine.  On that same day, my youngest son raised his right hand, swore an oath and is thismuchcloser to being an Active Duty Marine.  He will leave for Boot Camp in January, provided we have no road bumps along the way  I could not be more proud of the young man he is turning out to be!

My daughter was floored when she found out.  She kept saying it just isn’t like him.  She wanted to know if it’s because I kept bragging about my oldest son or I kept saying something about the Marine Corps.  Both he and I kept having to assure her this is HIS decision.  I had nothing to do with it.  He had been thinking about it for awhile.  The decision was his and his alone.

I have never pressured my children into doing anything.  I’ve been supportive of whatever it is they have wanted to do or try to do.  If they’ve wanted something, I busted my ass to make sure it happened for them.  I love my children with every ounce of my being.  I do not coddle them.  I do not think or believe they do no wrong.  Ha  As if that could ever be a thought!  What I unequivocally do is support them and love them unconditionally.  I do not expect them to remain living under my roof or to call me every day.  I am happy to talk to them whenever they can squeeze me in.  They have their lives they are living.

I am celebrating that my youngest is out of his room and hanging out with me . . . Even if he has moved all his gaming crap into the family room.  We have mother-son bonding time over a few TV programs and movies.  I’ll take what I can get.  He’s not the sullen, morose little boy anymore.  He is growing into a fine young man.  I’m going to allow myself to think he still needs his mom – even if it’s only for a short while longer.   I really will take what I can get!

And thus begins another week . . .


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