Round 2 Week 1 21 Day Fix Results . . .

Were TERRIBLE! The ONLY one I have to blame is myself.  I made hideous food choices and just kept going.  Even after I recognized I had made the  WRONG WRONG WRONG food choices, I continued to make them.  Suffice it to say, this resulted in a damn four pound gain AND a .25 inch increase overall.  😦

Why in the hell do I let little things come up and aggravate the daylights out of me so that I start to fall into that freakin’ crater?!  This is why I need a regimented menu when I first start a program.  It doesn’t matter what program . . . But it needs to be laid out specifically.  No choices allowed.  Well, no choices allowed in the beginning.  Once I get used to the program, then it would be ok.

It boils down to that freakin’ all or nothing mentality.  At some point, I need to break it.  For me to drop this extra damn person I’m carrying around, I need to face up to the fact that for me, it is 90% food intake (diet) and 10% exercise.

Tomorrow evening will be all about menu planning.  It has to be done.  No two ways about it.  No more damn excuses.



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