2016 WILL BE My Year of Change

So . . . It’s been a minute since I blogged.  So many things have changed yet they somehow have remained the same.

I’m still obese.  Wait.  Check that.  I’m still morbidly obese.  I went to a bariatric seminar in November 2015.  After two weeks of waiting for someone to call me to schedule an appointment as we were told, I had to call them.  According to the woman I spoke to, I am not fat enough for the surgery.  Seriously.  I’m not fat enough.  Talk about depressing.  I did not start my spiraling, out-of-control eating until the last week of 2015, though.

Here we are now, the first week of 2015.  I still have not regained control of my eating.  I’m still searching for my soulmate meal plan.  You know the one . . . The one I know beyond a shadow of a doubt I can stick with it for the rest of my life.

The biggest pitfall for me is that I absolutely despise being in the kitchen.  I HATE it.  No lie.  I do not want to take the time to prep my meals for the week.  If I had lots of money, I would just hire someone to do that.  Unfortunately, I do not have that kind of money at my disposal.  I’ve thought about stocking the freezer with microwavable meals.  The problem with doing that is I would get bored rather quickly.  Eating out really isn’t an option, either.

I will be 50 in four months, three weeks and a few days.  I would really love to be at least 50 pounds lighter by then.  It is doable.  This I know.  I need to get my head out of my rear and formulate a battle plan.  With that being said, I am actually going to break down and physically attend Weight Watchers meetings rather than doing it online.

I did the Weight Watchers Online.  I did not follow through with everything.  It was too easy to ignore or not do something.  By attending meetings, I know I will not have that option as much.

So . . . 2016 WILL be my Year of Change.  Turning 50 makes me like Fine Wine . . . I will just keep getting better with age!!


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