Today is the First Day of My New Beginning

Today is the first day of my new beginning.  I am going to do The Firm’s Wave Rotation.  Since I have not performed this workout in years, I am going to start with the Beginner Rotation.  I was surprised at how quickly the moves all came back to me!

I scanned the Wave Rotation and am going to print off several copies so I can mark the workouts as I do them.  I will pin it up somewhere so it is seen and I can be held accountable.

Yesterday, the hubby and I went out to eat at Chili’s.  That one meal took the place of all three meals AND the snacks for one day!  No more of that, let me tell you!  After our ‘date’, we went grocery shopping.  It’s amazing how quickly it all adds up.  I bought everything needed for this week’s menu.  I probably bought more than required because I was following the shopping list provided.  Thankfully, some of the stuff will be able to be used for later menus.

I started off today with my IdealShape Chocolate shake.  I made sure to follow it with the required 8 oz of water.  That was where my downfall was before – failing to drink the water ‘chaser’.  I still have to see what’s for lunch, get it prepared and then get prepared for work.

My goal is to lose at least three inches from my waist, three from my hips, two from my thighs and two from my arms by the week of 11 April.  For me, I can focus more if I concentrate on inches rather than a number on a scale.

I had wanted to get bariatric surgery.  Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), I am not fat enough.  I am supposed to weigh a lot more.  I am going to look at it as a blessing rather than a curse.  So instead, I need to fill out the necessary stuff to join Weight Watchers (again) and actually go to the meetings.  I know I’ll be held accountable there.  No excuses.  I will do that later on this afternoon.

Because I got a late start today, I am now rushing.  This means it is time to step away from the computer and get the rest of my stuff done before work.

Day One is almost complete.  I am feeling good.  It IS going to be a magnificent Monday!


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