Days 2 and 3 of my New Beginning

Well . . . Day 2 definitely did not go as planned.  Food-wise it sucked.  Exercise-wise it only partially sucked.  Since I was babysitting for my 11-month-old great niece, I was somewhat limited on what I could do.

I was unable to do The Firm’s Rock It Off! Wave workout.  However, I did manage to get some exercise in by shoveling the driveway.  I put the baby’s playpen in front of the living room window so she could see me and I could see her.

I watched as she quickly grew bored just staring out the window.  Every once in a while, I would see it teeny little head popup to “check” on me.  When I came in, she was more than ready to get out of the playpen.  Plus, she was hungry.  I reheated Monday night’s leftovers for me and warmed up her baby food.  She “helped” me eat my food, ate all of her mac ‘n’ cheese AND all of her applesauce!  For being a tiny little person, she sure can put the food away!

It snowed for about 99% of the day Tuesday.  I asked my boss if it would be ok if I just worked from home since it really didn’t make much sense for me to spend an hour and a half in the office and then the majority of my “lunch hour” warming up and cleaning off my car.  My request was approved.  As I knew I wasn’t going into the office, I opted to not take my shower until later.  Well . . .

At 1338, the power goes out.  Damn.  Maybe it is just a brief outage.  Tick tock goes the clock.  It is now 1355.  It is shaping up to NOT be a brief outage.  This meant I needed to get ready to go to the office.  Ordinarily, this is no big deal.  However with no power, it becomes a smidge challenging.

I go into the bathroom to get my makeup and what did I do?  I turned flipped on the light switch.  For a millisecond, I was wondering why the lights weren’t turning on!  I almost did it again when I went to grab some clothes out of the closet.  Seriously.  I can be such an idiot at times.  :S  Anyway . . .

I got ready and went to the office.  Originally, the power was thought to be back on by 1700.  Nope.  That did not happen.  Next prediction was for 1900.  It ended up not coming back on until after 2100.  I went home to finish out my shift only to turn around and go back into the office because the damn WiFi was down.

All of that led to crap eating.  In my rush to get out of the house, I did not grab anything.  The vending machines do not have anything remotely healthy.  Because I needed to ensure my sugar did not drop or crash, I made do with what I had available.

Today, is Day Three of My New Beginning and it is going MUCH better.  Although, I was an hour early for my mani-pedi.  LOL  Today is also a rest day.  My activity will consist of house cleaning and then preparing for work.   Depending on how quiet it is, I may jump on the elliptical for 15 or 20 minutes.  I’m sticking to the planned meals as much as possible.  I got this.  I can do it.  🙂

Well . . . Time to get ready for work.  The day is still early.  Who knows what else it may bring.  Keeping a smile on my face and a positive attitude no matter what.  Determination.  Dedication.  Commitment.

Days 2 and 3 down.  Only the rest of my life to go!  😉


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