Day 18 – So Far, So Good

Day 18 is off to a pretty good start . . . Sort of.  I am about to get my “Maximum Cardio Plus Abs” with Allie Del Rio Pointer, a FIRM Master Instructor.  She kicks my booty with this one!

Before I get started, though, I wanted to get some thoughts out.  I have severe lower back pain.  It does not matter what surface I sleep on.  I cannot sleep through the night (either because I have to get up and pee or because I have to literally wake up to change positions).  It is very hard to get up and off of wherever I am sleeping (most times, it is the Family Room couch).  Recently, I discovered that if I get up and vacuum at least three of the rooms (out of seven with carpet), I am able to get moving on things a lot more quickly.

The back pain is not as severe once I have gotten up and moving.  It is the getting up and moving where I have my issues.  My hope is by losing the 100+ excess pounds I am carrying, it will lessen the pain I feel.  The pain will never completely go away as it is a degenerative problem.  The excess baggage I have been carrying for 16+ years has exacerbated the issue.  I know this.  It is just one more reason for me to make it go away.

Because Today is Another

Ok . . . Workout is complete.  A few observations while working out:

  1. MANY of the moves in this FIRM System are VERY similar, if not the same, as the moves in several of the Beachbody Systems.  (I have almost every FIRM system and about 75% of the Beachbody ones.)  With that being said, it makes learning the moves that much easier.  🙂
  2. I keep reminding Myself it is OK to not use the fully assembled TransFIRMer Box.  Me does not wish to have knee injuries (as in Me, Myself and I ;-)).  It is necessary to build up to it.
  3. When told to bring my knees into my chest, the belly overhang is SO in the way!  Note to self:  This, too, is ok to not completely be able to do yet.  It is going to take time to whittle that sucker away!
  4. The rub of my side-boobs is annoying as hell!
  5. When Allie says, “If you stick with this workout three times a week…” at the end of the workout, the part she has left unsaid is, “It is 80% diet and 20% exercise to see results.”
  6. This is exactly how Marine Corps Boot Camp is:  80% Mental and 20% Physical.  This means I must apply the 80/20 rule to my current life:  80% Diet and 20% Exercise.

Today was the Service and Support Desk Appreciation Luncheon.  I was about 25 minutes late.  I totally forgot the CEO and the VP of HR were going to be present.  WHOOPSIE!!  However, because I work second shift I was forgiven.  🙂  Being on second shift does have its advantages!

The lunch was catered.  There were many wonderfully delicious items, but I opted to not eat any of them.  I am proud to report I did NOT have a brownie . . . Not one little crumb!  For my sweet fix, I ate 10 plain M&Ms and four peanut ones.  I’m chasing it with water.

I am also happy to report according to My Fitness Pal, I still have 1200 calories remaining for the day.  My snacks later on will consist of a wedge of Laughing Cow Creamy Mozzarella, Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil flavor, with carrots and red peppers.  I have never tried Laughing Cow before.  I’m hoping I like it.

I was unable to take the dogs for a quick walk today because I ran out of time.  I still have to drag my Menu Binder into my office so I can plan my menu for next week.  The workout was completed this morning.  I have my Small Goals list handwritten.  I will give a good going-over in a few minutes, in case it needs to be tweaked.

I feel today, Day 18 of My New Beginning, can go down in the books as a success!

You Don't Have to Be


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