Day 22 – Baby Steps

There is No One

Day 22.  1 February 2016.  I must have blinked because January disappeared so fast!  Even though I did not start ‘my new beginning’ on the 1st, I still feel my first 21 days went very well.  As I said in an earlier blog, Day 45 will be the true test.  Day 45 is 24 February.  Will I still be going strong?  Or, as in the past, will I have petered out and fallen off the face of the Earth?  Time will reveal the answer.

Today has been a good day for exercise.  I got up this morning and finally did Total Sculpt Plus Abs!  Tomorrow is supposed to be a Rest Day, but I am going to do Maximum Cardio Burn Plus Abs as it was scheduled for today.  Wednesday will be Complete Aerobics & Weight Training Plus Abs.  Thursday is a Rest Day and Friday is Maximum Cardio Burn Plus Abs again.  Saturday is a Rest Day.

Rather than doubling-up the workouts so I can ‘catch up,’ I am moving them to the next logical day.  This is a much better approach for me, I feel.  When I would double-up, I ‘fell off the wagon’ rather quickly afterward.  I found myself coming up with excuses just to avoid doing the extra workout.  This was rapidly followed by excuses for avoiding regular workouts.  Then, started the spiraling, out-of-control negative self-talk.  It became one vicious cycle.

My mantra is now “Baby Steps.”  I am really drilling it into my brain-housing group this is the ONLY way I will be successful on this new Lifetime Journey.  I am on Day 22.  I do not have an ‘End Date’ . . . The only end date I can think of is the date of my death.  Honestly, I have no plans or desire for that to happen.  I would love to have at least another 50 or more years to traumatize and terrorize my children!  LOL

Anyway, I am reminding myself at least once each day it is necessary for me to take baby steps to achieve my goal – of losing 100 pounds.  I did not gain this excess baggage in one fell swoop.  I gained it a little bit at a time.

After working out, I was able to take the puppies for another walk today!  We logged 3.58 miles.  We walked to the same turn around point as on Day 21, however, this time we did not stop as often to pick up trash.  We still wound up with another bag full!

The negative about the walk today:  People are thoughtless and uncaring  The positives:  (1) It is still winter.  There should be a crap-ton of snow on the ground but it is all melted.  (2) The puppies and I were able to get a walk in.  (3) The walk was like a bonus workout without being a workout.  So all-in-all, the positives definitely outweigh the negatives!

My food was mostly on point.  I actually went over the calorie allowance by like 39.  I’m not rigid or totally anal about sticking to the 1200 calorie allowance.  However, I am not allowing myself to go hog-wild, either.

After work, I went to the grocery store and performed some power-shopping.  (I arrived at like 2335 and they close at Midnight.)  I had my list.  I bought everything on it and only a few extras.  The extras purchased are mostly healthy and not junk food.  So, I am good with that.

The plan is to prep my meals for Tuesday night, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  I am leaving the weekend unplanned.  Over the past couple of weekends, I have noticed I have been making much healthier choices on the weekends but do not go all in a tizzy if I do get a little carried away.  It is all about those Baby Steps!

During the walk, I thought about body image.  More specifically, I thought about my body and the EXTREMELY NEGATIVE image I have of it.  Not going to lie.  I hate my body from where my double-chin begins down to my feet.  (My face is tolerable.)

I will not get undressed in front of my husband.  In April, we will be celebrating our 18th Anniversary.  I do not like him to be in the bathroom while I am showering or applying my war paint.  Why, when I know he has seen every bloody inch of me!  The answer is simple.  I am embarrassed.  I am ashamed.

I cringe when I catch a glimpse of my naked body in the mirror.  If I were not a lumpy, dumpy fat girl, maybe it would not be so bad.  However, the mirror and pictures do not tell lies.

I absolutely despise my belly flap/overhang.  Since it just hangs there, moisture accumulates (AKA sweat).  Rashes develop.  Uncomfortable, itchy, nasty rashes.  (I am very thankful they do not develop under my boobs, too!)  I have to make sure I have some form of powder available to me.  If I have no rash, it is just regular baby powder.  If there is a rash, I use the athlete’s foot powder in my husband’s portion of the medicine cabinet.  The area has to be kept dry but not so dry it cracks the skin (yep, it has happened to me) which leads to a whole other set of problems.

Tied for first place would be the cellulite-laden bottom half of my body.  I will not wear shorts because of it.  My sisters and mother have no problems with it.  Me?  It absolutely makes my skin crawl when I see it on me.  I am envious of anyone who can wear shorts, but even more so of people who have very obvious cellulite.  To me, it shows they are very comfortable in their own skin.  Unfortunately, I am not.  :-\

I am going to end Day 22 with a Positive Thought:

If You Focus on Results

I am focusing on making changes and taking baby steps to ensure the changes stay.  I am so worth it!  🙂


3 thoughts on “Day 22 – Baby Steps

  1. I agree, finding the right days to workout for you is the best move. Also, good job on the weekends. I feel the same, my decisions are getting less and less questionable on the weekends. Of course, I have sort of been a hermit on the weekends and not nearly accomplishing what I should be. Soon I will have to apply these knew skills to the world and my life.

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    • My husband is a truck driver. When he comes home on the weekends, I try really hard to not have a ‘Honey-Do’ list. I know he needs his down time. The problem is during the week while he is gone, I do not go anywhere except to work. I do not want him to feel I am living my life without him (even though I technically am). I want to go places, but I want to go with him. Since his job is all about traveling, he really does not want to leave the house. There are times when it is absolutely aggravating! He preps his food to take with him. On the weekends, neither of us really feel like cooking. So, we usually go out or grab something quick, like Chinese. As I am trying to eat as healthfully as possible during the week, I am learning to allow for the weekends. I just need to be super mindful of my choices (i.e. no eating an entire Deep Deep Dish Little Caesar’s Pizza!).

      It is so encouraging to me knowing I have others facing similar daily (and sometimes hourly!) struggles. For me, reading how they are learning and making changes helps me because how they do things gives me a different perspective and new possibilities to improve myself.

      We can do this! We truly are worth every effort we are putting forth! 🙂

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