Day 26 – Stuff and Things

Don't Start Your Day

It’s Friday!  I am so looking forward to just relaxing and doing not a blasted thing.  🙂  I have knocked out the vacuuming, Maximum Cardio Burn Plus Abs, laundry is all put away, dishes done.  So, my Friday is most definitely off to an excellent start!

I am not going to lie.  I did not want to workout today.  I am feeling tired and drained.  I want to be lazy.  I do not want to go to work today.  I just want to curl up with some smutty, historical romance novel and travel back to whatever time period it takes place in.  I know what I need.  A post-workout snack.  Sugars go up, so does my mood.  I really must revisit the daily caloric intake.  I have a sinking feeling I set it too low too soon.  OK body, lesson learned.

During the workout today, one of the moves was a hamstring curl.  Allie, the lead, was all, “Keep your knees together…”  I responded with, “Girl, my knees are permanently stuck together!”  During the ‘rhomboid pinch,’ my damn side boobs kept getting in the way!  UGH!  I will be SOOOOO happy once those are finally gone!

On a positive note, my belly overhang does not seem to be sitting on my lap and annoying me nearly as much as it used to.  I am really liking that.  I look forward to the day when it is just a ‘baby pooch’ like it was back in the 20th.

Back to the workout.  I only had to pause twice during the workout today.  Fantastic improvement over the past couple of workouts!  I am not getting better.  I am getting stronger.  I am suspecting some of my confusion with the moves is due to low blood sugar.  I should probably have a light something before working out.

Well, time to get ready for lunch with my childhood best friend’s family.  We are going to make it an annual event to celebrate her life.  She was taken from us all too soon.  After that, off to work I go.

Day 26 is another success!



2 thoughts on “Day 26 – Stuff and Things

  1. Oh the struggles of working out with weight! When you read stuff they always talk about how hard it is because of the weight. They never tell you that your fat is going to get pinched while you rest in some position that is supposed to be easy but oh so hard for you because your fat is hurting. I know this pain oh too well! Good job staying on task! You are doing great, soon all these little pieces of fat will be gone, gone for good,

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  2. Thank you! I think they leave those tidbits out because they have never experienced them. Were I to ever have a video or a book, I would be sure to describe all the frustrating, annoying and ugly truths about exercising with the excess fat. I do not remember ever reading or hearing anyone say, “Ok . . . Side straddle hops (AKA Jumping Jacks), Eight-Count. Big girls, your belly is about to flop up and down now. You will probably hear a slapping sound. That’s ok. It’s just your fat protesting the work you are putting in!” Nor do they tell the big-busted women to make sure they wear super strong sports bras so their ‘girls’ do not bounce up and down . . . potentially giving them a black eye when they get slapped in the face by them! LOL

    Even if all the little pieces of fat do not go away completely, I will be perfectly content if they get rearranged so the stay out of my way! 😉


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