Day 28 – No Energy Day

Today’s breakfast: (2) scrambled eggs with garlic pepper; (3) turkey sausage links; (1) whole grain English muffin with 1 tbsp of whipped butter.

Day 28 has been a rough day for me.  I have had no energy.  I went to bed at 0330 this morning. I was up by 0630.  The hubby was getting ready to leave for the week.  So, I got up to see him off.  Then, I laid back down and did not wake up until 1145ish.

I decided to make breakfast rather than drink breakfast.  I wanted to see if this would make a difference where my sugars are concerned.  Typically, I just have a breakfast shake with a bottled water chaser.  Most days it is enough.  Others, not so much.

Even after eating, I still had no energy.  I forced myself to run the vacuum and get the laundry going.  But then, I had to sit down.  Seriously.  No energy.  I just felt drained.  After sitting around for a couple of hours, I did manage to take the dogs on a 2.32 miles.  I know they wanted to go further.  I just could not do it.  It took all of my energy to get to my short walk turn around point.  If I would have went down, the puppies are not equipped to call 911.

When we got home, I folded the clothes in the dryer, threw another load in the washer, gave the puppies their treat, made something to eat and then sat down.  I was still exhausted.

Dinner consisted of DeliFresh Rotisserie Seasoned Chicken Breast stuffed into a whole wheat pita.  Six slices consists of a serving, there were three left so I just ate those, too.  One cup of grapes, half cup of strawberries and an eighth of a cup of blueberries mixed in three quarters of a cup of Lite and Fit Vanilla Greek Yogurt.  That totaled up to 410 calories.  I was actually full.

I did not have lunch.  Or maybe I had lunch and not dinner.  I am not sure.  I felt better after eating and that is what counts.

I ended up falling asleep.  I slept for another four hours.  I am feeling much better.  Still tired, though.  Lack of sleep and low blood sugar is a shitty combination.

I did not do the scheduled workout, either.  So, I will just adjust the workout schedule for this week like I did last week.  This week, it will mean working out Monday, Tuesday, Rest Day Wednesday, working out Thursday and Friday.  Friday is supposed to be a Rest Day but I know I will not workout on Saturday.

If we get the snow they are calling for, I will be getting a cardio workout from shoveling the drive on Tuesday and Wednesday.  There is the potential for 8″ to 12″ for our area.  Thankfully, Lake Effect is the fluffy stuff.  System Snow is the heart attack inducing snow.  Oh well, tis the price we pay for living near one of the Great Lakes.

I’m losing focus which means it is time for me to step away from the computer and hit the rack.  I am going to end my night with a positive thought . . .

Always End the Day

Tomorrow WILL be better!


2 thoughts on “Day 28 – No Energy Day

  1. I’ve definitely been there with the “no energy” kind of day. But I think it’s awesome that you still managed to put in a great effort for your food intake. Those are the days where it’s easy to lapse into something easy/not-so-healthy. And you still got some physical activity in! Way to go!

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    • I can tell you, it certainly was not easy! I totally wanted to grab some nasty gas station pizza. LOL Today is most definitely better than yesterday. 🙂 One day at a time. One pound at a time. 🙂

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