Day 29 – Addendum

Tonight for dinner I made homemade pizza using an all natural Italian herb flatbread.  Instead of putting a sauce on it, I put a thin layer of olive oil.  I added onion, a three cheese combo (Asiago, Romano and Kasseri, shredded by yours truly) and topped it with six grape tomatoes halved.  Other than I probably should have set the timer sooner (edges were crunchy), it came out delicious!  Two flatbreads come in the package.  I made two but only ate one.  The icing on the cake?  All of it totaled up to 399 calories!

To be honest, I REALLY wanted to eat the second one.  Instead of eating it, I put it away and out of sight.  I did the dishes.  I polished off a bottle of water.  I shoveled the back steps (in preparation to let my neighbor’s dogs out).  Anything I can think of to take my mind off the second flatbread pizza.  I believe it is working!

I have come too far in the first 29 days to slide backwards!

AND . . . I just may be able to do the ‘Tall Box Climb’ with the TransFIRMer full assembled – and keep up – when I start with the Body Sculpting System 1 Rotation next week!  I have NEVER been able to do the ‘Tall Box Climb’ with it fully assembled.  This is SOOO flippin’ exciting for me!

Day 29 is an absolute success!

Be Positive Patient


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