Day 30 – I’m Working on a New Me…

I'm Working on a New Me Not Because

Today is a good day even if I am a little tired and scatter-brained.  The only thing I actually accomplished on my ‘To Do List’ was my workout.  Oh.  I did manage to half-ass vacuum half the house.  I spent a good portion of the morning going through almost 3000 emails.  (Yes, three thousand!)  I still have about 2700 more to go.  This is what happens when you really do not check your email accounts very often.  Ha

Tomorrow is going to suck.  I have a dental appointment at 0800.  I typically do not go to couch (I do not sleep in my bed when my husband is gone) until at least 0200.  After I get off work at 2300, I need to go out and shovel the drive.  By the time I am finished, it will be close to midnight.  I will need to get up by 0500 so I can go out and shovel the drive again.

Currently, our local meteorologist is saying there is a strong Lake Effect Snow Band developing.  Unfortunately, where I live falls right into that area.  The good news about Lake Effect snow is that it is hit or miss.  I could be receiving three inches an hour, but someone on the next block over could be getting one inch or maybe nothing at all.  The bad news about Lake Effect snow is there is no real way to predict who will actually get what.  I am sure there are a lot of children doing the ‘Snow Dance’ so they can have a ‘Snow Day’ tomorrow!

The plus side to all the snow we are forecasted to receive between yesterday and Friday is I will be able to get another workout in!  Sure we have a snow blower but I am truly too lazy to go dig it out.  The last major snowfall we had, I just shoveled.  A friend of mine was like, “Why didn’t you just get the snow blower out?  You literally walked right past the shed when you were shoveling!”  Hey, I never said my way of thinking is logical!

During today’s workout, Allie, the Lead, says, “Keep your knees and thighs pressed firmly together” as we were performing one of the hamstring exercises.  I hollered back, “GURL!  Have you seen my knees and thighs?!  They’re so together you can’t tell where one ends and the other begins!”  Hence, my whole reason for working on a healthier lifestyle!  There is most definitely ‘thigh gap’ happening on this body.  Hell, I’m not sure if I ever had it.  Ha

I did try to use the TransFIRMer fully assembled, though.  Umm, yeah.  Not going to happen yet.  Felt like I tweaked something in the left knee.  I stopped immediately and just used the 8″ portion.  Once the workout was finished, I had just enough time to take a quick shower before work.

My food has been on point today.  I have 120 calories left of my actual calorie allotment.  If I wanted to, I could actually have another serving of Girl Scout Cookies!  LOL  I won’t, though.

I went ahead and took my measurements a couple of days early.  No particular reason except curiosity.  So here they are:


Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Tuesday, 9 February 2016


Upper Chest






38 ¾”






Upper Arm

13 ¾”

13 ¾”




34 ¼”


Upper Hip




Lower Hip

49 ½”

49 ½”


Upper Thigh

30 ¼”















Not too shabby.  My belly overhang sits right at my upper hip level.  It does not seem to be as ‘overhangy’ as it used to be.  Maybe I am doing something right?  I don’t care.  I will take whatever losses and be happy!  They are G.O.N.E.  I do NOT want them back.  I am working harder to make their friends go away, too!

It really is all about the Baby Steps – physically AND mentally!

Day 30 and I am every so S.L.O.W.L.Y. whittling away at the fat me and chiseling out a new, healthier me!

Day 30 is a resounding success!

A Huge Part Of Losing


10 thoughts on “Day 30 – I’m Working on a New Me…

  1. I love shoveling too! One thing I will miss when we move to Arizona is the unplanned, non-gym workouts I would get when I have to be able to leave the garage! Nothing like working up a sweat in three layers of clothes while your hands ache and your snot and tears freeze directly to your face! 🙂

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    • Bahahahaha My snot was like a sieve! I didn’t have a tissue with me so I had to try and pull it back up into my head until I was able to get in the house! To top it all off, half of my face was already numb so it didn’t even feel that it was frozen! LOL

      UGH! I ended shoveling last night, this morning before the dentist and again as soon as I got home. I will probably have to do it again later this evening. My sister and a friend of mine were like, “Why don’t you get a snow blower? Oh wait . . . You HAVE one!” They think I’m nuts. Check that. They KNOW I’m batshit crazy! Hahaha I even shoveled a path to the shed (where the snow blower is kept) just to get a different shovel. :-O Yes . . . I am that kind of crazy! 😀

      I LOVE the desert! My last duty station was in 29 Palms, CA. It’s 45 minutes north of Palm Springs and about four hours (the way ‘normal’ person drives) from Phoenix/Glendale. If it wasn’t for the fact the hubby does not do heat well, I would move out there in a heart beat!


      • Lol! You crack me up! We are going to be going out to Arizona in April to look for houses, I will be sure to post a bunch of pics to remind you of the desert! None of us in the family have ever experienced summer in the desert but are all optimistic that we will “get used to it!” Hope everything went well at the dentist!

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      • When do you plan on moving there? I moved in November, so I had plenty of time to get acclimated. You definitely do NOT want to go ‘balls to the wall’ in the summer . . . when it’s 120 . . . with no shade.

        To me, I found so much beauty in the ‘brown nothingness’ my family saw. They’re all about the allergy-inducing green friggin’ trees, grass and nasty ass flowers. Me, I LOVE to have sand as my front yard! The only thing I would do was rake lines and pull the occasional, errant weed. Oh, and of course, holler at ANYONE who dared walk through my lines. (Hell, I’m this way when I vacuum! I HATE footprints on my carpet . . . even though it is meant to be walked on. LOL) See, I told you I was batshit crazy!

        Back to the desert . . . I loved when I would be driving and the sun would hit the mountains just so. It was breathtaking! There were so many times when it looked like an actual oil painting. Simply spectacular! I loved the cacti plants and the tumbleweeds. I loved how I could literally smell the rain before it actually arrived.

        When I was at my fittest, a girlfriend and I would run at lunchtime. It was nothing to run four or five miles in the hills . . . when it was 110 . . . no shade . . . no pond . . . no water of any kind (except the bottle which started out frozen but was completely gone by the time we got back to the office). I loved the black widows (and boy do I have a story about those! LOL) and the rattlers.

        Uh oh . . . I better stop. My eyeballs might start leaking, giving me a bigger headache than I already have. The novacaine (or whatever the dentist used to numb my jaw) is wearing off. I always get a massive headache after. Suffice it to say, I will thoroughly LOVE seeing the pictures you post! 😀

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      • We are balls to the wall people and our move date is June 16th! We are looking for a house with a pool, of course! We are excited and have a lot of vacations planned. We will be going to Comic Con in July in San Diego and plan on going up to Flagstaff to go camping, etc. All of the things that we really couldn’t do in Wisconsin because it just isn’t available. :/

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      • I absolutely plan to! Blogging and connecting with others has sort of become my lifeline to me . . . The ‘New’ me. 🙂

        Besides, I would not want to miss seeing your pictures and becoming green with envy! 😀

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  2. Oh, look at you go! Congrats on those amazing stats! 🙂
    Btw…I love how you write the military time… 🙂 You can totally see you were in the Navy 🙂
    Thanks for all the lovely messages – YOU ARE WORTH IT, TOO! :*

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I am pleased. Wishing it were more, but pleased nonetheless!

      LOL . . . Marine Corps, actually!! The time thing is so ingrained, half the time I do not realize I’m doing it until one of my co-workers is like, “What time is that?!” I’m training them, though, slowly but surely!

      Thank you! We are on this journey together! I love being cheerleader for people! If I can boost at least one person when they may be feeling not motivated or down or whatever, then my day is complete! 🙂

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