Day 31 – Rest Day . . . Just Kidding

10 Commandments of Weight Loss

Today is a Rest Day according to my rotation calendar.  Rest my ass.  I shoveled about five inches of snow piled in the driveway.  I walked 1.72 miles shoveling last night.  This morning, I woke up around 0500, looked out the window and thought it did not look too bad, so I laid back down for another hour.  I woke up at 0600, looked out the window and had a panic attack!  There was at least another three to four inches on the ground!  I flew out the door and shoveled half the driveway this time.  (No time for the whole thing since I had to be to the dentist for 0800 and I wanted to leave early to give myself the extra time since the roads are shitty.)  Half the drive turned out to be 1.01 miles.

I get home from the dentist (lucky me got to have a crown put on) and shoveled a path from my back door to the gate (so I can go let my neighbor’s dogs out later on) and then the whole driveway . . . AGAIN.  I logged another 1.82 miles and cleared another five damn inches of Lake Effect snow.  I am thankful it is the powdery, fluffy, you-can-blow-it-away-with-a-wave-of-your-hand type snow.  I’m not complaining, though.  Really.  It is the price to pay for living near Lake Michigan.

Since the mouth is still quite numb, I really haven’t felt like eating.  I did have my IdealShape chocolate shake, so I have had something.  It’s Ash Wednesday.  No meat.  Not that I am much of a meat eater anyway.  I was thinking about taking out one of the frozen Turkey Chilis and having that.  However, that requires energy.  At this very moment, I’m running on fumes.

I logged 3 Hours and 2 Minutes of sleep.  Even though I knew I had to wake up early, I still did not fall asleep until after 0230.  I probably won’t get much sleep until this weekend.  Eight hours would be super awesome, but I will settle for at least six!  I can only change one thing at a time, though, if I wish to be successful.

Baby Steps . . . Baby Steps!


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