Day 32 -Morbidly Obese with a Touch of Beauty

To Be Beautiful

Day 32 of The Year of My New Beginning is off to another snow shoveling start!  This morning, there was only about three inches of the light, powdery stuff.  I walked 1.50 miles in the process.  I am seriously rockin’ those steps this week!

Today I had my mani-pedi.  Just because I am morbidly obese does not mean I cannot get my nails and toes treated.  Just because I am fat does not mean I cannot look good.  I may not look like a stick figure/pencil-thin model, but I can at least slap on some war paint,throw my hair up in a bun (neat or sloppy, it does not matter, so long as it is up), and put on some nice clothes (jeans and a nice T-Shirt works for me :-)).

One of my favorite colors is black.  For so many years, it was the color of my wardrobe.  Colors have never been my thing.  My daughter would get so mad at me because I would not step outside of my comfort zone.  Black is way more forgiving on fat people than most colors are.

The November before I started my current job, I needed to get a new ‘Interview Suit.’ Because my favorite clothing chain is no more, it meant I had to try and find a new one with reasonably priced clothing.  Luckily, I discovered my new favorite chain!  I walked in, told the lady what I needed.  I let her know, according to my daughter, I have zero sense of style.  She spent at least an hour with me, getting to know what my likes and dislikes were.  She helped me to find clothes that looked good AND accentuated some of my better features.  I walked out of the store not only with an ‘Interview Suit,’ but some other clothing options, as well!

To say that particular shopping experience  was motivating, is putting it mildly.  It was the boost my self-esteem needed.  It had been so incredibly long since I had actually felt good.  Receiving compliments are also morale, self-esteem, and spirit boosters.

After the mani-pedi, I went grocery shopping.  The only non-healthy items purchased were my Chester’s Puffcorn.  It is like crack cocaine for me!  I make sure I limit myself to the actual serving size.  (Previously, it was nothing for me to kill a bag over the course of one day.)  The upside, there are only 160 calories per serving.  The downside, the calories from Fat are 100!  Everything else was healthy and will keep me within my caloric allotment.

Once I put the groceries away, I completed my Complete Aerobics & Weight Training Plus Abs workout. The Lead, Emily, was all “Make sure you keep your arms pinned to your sides…”  I thought to myself, “Lady, my rolls reach out and latch onto my arms!  Trust me, they are pinned!”  On the upside, when we were stretching after performing some upper body moves, from a seated position I was able to bend over at the waist and ‘hug’ my legs without my belly getting  in the way!  Progress!  Finally some tangible progress (for my brain-housing group)!

Two workouts again today.  I think I have to shovel one more time.  After work, I will knock some more things off of my ‘To Do List’ so I have fewer things to do tomorrow and on the weekend.

Food is on point.  This has always been the area I struggle the most with.  I am working harder in this area than any other area.  I am focusing on portion control and not thinking in terms of ‘diet.’  I am making slow, steady progress.  And I am happy with it.

Even though Day 32 is not yet over, I am going to say it can go down as another SUCCESS!

Just because I am morbidly obese does not mean I am not beautiful.

I'm Not Beautiful


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