Day 33 – Patience or Lack Thereof

Even If You Can't Physically See

Day 33 and I’m suffering from a lack of patience.  I am afflicted with the 21st Century Disease ‘Instant Gratification-itis.’  I want results and I want them NOW.  I see the little results.  I know little results add up to BIG results.  So as I was going through my motivational quotes and sayings, this one screamed at me.  Someone was sending me a message . . . One I really needed today.

Today’s workout was Maximum Cardio Burn Plus Abs.  Lack of sleep had an impact on my performance level.  Lack of motivation did, too.  I was not in the mood to workout.  I pushed through and finished it.  Shoveling the drive before work netted me another 1.44 miles.

Food was on point again today.  I did forget today is Friday.  Although I am a lapsed Catholic, I still observe no meat on Fridays.  I had 5 oz of deli-sliced chicken breast in a whole wheat pita with yellow mustard.  WHOOPS.   To make up for it, I made Tuna Noodle Casserole.  It’s one of the few types of fish I will eat.

I totally cannot wait for Sunday!  Not because it’s Valentine’s Day.  I don’t care about that.  The Walking Dead returns!  I think it should be a Universal Holiday!  😀

Day 33 can be logged as a success.



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