Days 35 and 36 Addendum

Those We Love

I knew I would figure out what was causing me rough days mentally yesterday and today.  Yesterday was the one year Angel-versary of my childhood best friend.  I have not had time to be alone with her.  She and I were going to watch Beaches together (she can be in spirit only 😢)  It is how I am processing the fact she is truly gone.  It will be the first time I have watched the movie in years.  I was holding out for when she came over for the ‘girls’ night’ we had planned.  Life does not work out as planned.

I did make a new discovery this weekend.  I have this long sleeve college logo shirt.  The last time I wore it, the sleeves were getting tight in the bicep area.  When I wore it on Saturday, the sleeves were actually comfortable!  The active wear shirt I am wearing now was the same way.  It, too, seems to be loosening in the bicep area.  This is exciting news!

After work, I am going to run the vacuum and then hit the couch. (Hubby’s gone, so I sleep where I have access to all doors leading to the outside.  I hate the isolated feeling when I’m in the bedroom when he is not here.  Plus, Honey and Milo miss me if I am not out where they can be near me.

Food is on point today.  I had my four Girl Scout Shortbread cookies for dessert, so I am good to go.  Just need to push more water.

I have my TransFIRMer Intermediate Rotation with Jiggle Free Arms and Jiggle Free Buns all plotted out.  I made the calendar so it carries me until the end of April.  I am really liking this ‘Old School’ stuff.  The FIRM warm ups and cool downs serve my body best I have found out.  I may have to haul the equipment out each and every time; but in the end it WILL be worth it!

I will say Day 35 was mostly a success . . . Even with the Oreo Blizzard made with Chocolate Ice Cream.  Day 36 is definitely a success!  The true testament will be when I do my measurements this week.

So . . . I end the day on a positive note:

I Am Strong



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