Days 35 and 36 – Mentally Rough Days

Believe You Can

Needing some motivation yesterday and today.  Trying to type with my right pinky in a splint is no fun.  Fell Saturday night.  Landed just right.  It not only jammed my pinky finger, but my nail (real and French tips) is hanging firmly by one section of skin.  I’ve kept banging it on shit.  I’ve tried to remove said nail, but it is not ready to come off yet.  My job requires typing.  Monday is definitely challenging me.

Yesterday (Sunday) I was a slug.  Eating was almost on track until I had the Large Oreo Blizzard made with Chocolate ice cream.  Have not had one of those in forever.  Then, I went ahead and had dinner a few hours later.  Never shoveled.  Never exercised.  Slept most of the day away.  However . . .

The hubby did not have to leave out until Noon O’Clock today.  I was actually able to spend almost two FULL days with him!  :-O  That almost never happens!  It was nice to just relax.  He actually sat and watched “The Walking Dead” marathon with me.  🙂

Since he did not leave until Noon, I did not get my workout in.  I did manage to walk 1.92 miles in my driveway shoveling, though.  I will just start off tomorrow.  I just have not figured out which program I want to do.  It will either be Body Sculpting System 1 or The TransFIRMer System.  I guess I have until tomorrow morning to decide.

For whatever reason, yesterday and today have been very rough for me mentally.  Don’t know why, either.  I just cannot seem to find motivation or even joy in anything.  Not even when I unofficially weighed myself on Saturday and discovered I had dropped another 1.4 pounds and am sitting at 213.8.  That should make me feel good.  At this moment, it does not.

I will figure it out.  I usually do.  I’m not going to let my mood from the past two days throw me off my course!  I am working hard.  Yesterday’s food kinda sucked (even though it tasted absolutely marvelous!).  It is not going to ruin me, though.

Before heading to work, here is my last little mental motivation for myself . . . This is definitely the Marine Me talking to the Now Civilian Me:

Decide What You Want


4 thoughts on “Days 35 and 36 – Mentally Rough Days

  1. It’s so easy to see the good in other’s like you do with me! But we’re always so hard on ourselves. I think you’re doing a great job moving forward and I know you’ll keep going in a positive direction. You’ve got this!

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