Day 39 – No Such Thing as Instant Gratification on My Journey

Just Because

What is it about wanting instant gratification?  I want results and I want them NOW!  Why is it I have only lost 6.4 pounds and 13 inches overall since I actually started tracking my journey on Tuesday, 19 January 2016 – Day 9?  I suppose a better question is why am I not happy with the success I have achieved thus far?!

Did I seriously think the 100+ pounds of fat was going to dissolve overnight?  Because I am not seeing the numbers I want to see, am I planning on quitting?  Am I that delusional AND stupid?!  I need to check out those number again:

MEASUREMENT 19-Jan-16 17-Feb-16 DIFFERENCE +/-
Upper Chest 37 36.75 0.25
Bust 39 38.5 0.5
Midriff 34 33 1
Upper Arm 14 13.25 0.75
Waist 36.5 34 2.5
Upper Hip 50.25 46.75 3.5
Lower Hip 51 48.5 2.5
Upper Thigh 31 30 1
Mid-Thigh 27 26 1
Calf 17 17 0
WEIGHT 219.6 213.2 6.4

Looking at them again,I am able to actually SEE my progress.  I need to remind myself what I have been saying to others:  SLOW AND STEADY WINS EVERY TIME.  Those damn numbers are going DOWN!  Therefore, I MUST continue to push and move forward!

Not only am I seeing the numbers dropping, I am noticing other things . . . Good things.  Things like the sleeves on some of my tops are not as snug as they used to be.  The waist gap is growing larger (it’s what happens when one has a smaller waist and a big ass, AKA a pear-shape).  The pain in my lower back upon waking is not nearly as severe.  I can wrap my arms around my legs without my belly roll getting in the way.  (I am not yet able to grab my elbows when wrapping my arms around my legs, but I am working on that.)  I am able to get up off the floor A LOT easier now.  (This used to be a MAJOR struggle for me.)  And the best noticeable difference?  My side boob does not interfere nearly as much when working out now!

Today I completed Jiggle Free Arms and Jiggle Free Abs.  I did not stop when I did not know the moves.  I just marched in place.  I kept moving.  I know will need to do it again tomorrow for Ultimate Calorie BlasterI will have to keep doing that until I finally learn the steps.

My food was on point.  I still have 157 calories left over from the original allotment.  I would have more, but I know I will be hungry and an apple halved with one tablespoon of Jif Peanutbutter will take care of that.  🙂

So, even though I am wanting the work I have been putting in to show results NOW (instant gratification), I still have POSITIVE results!    Therefore, Day 39 is a SUCCESS!

I just need to remember . . .

When You Start to Feel


2 thoughts on “Day 39 – No Such Thing as Instant Gratification on My Journey

  1. Way to go! I’m so proud that you are starting to see the positive in your own journey. You’re doing amazing! It may not seem like enough now, but your determination is going to bring you even better results!

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  2. Thank you so much! It is a struggle. Some days it is easier to think positive than others. I guess I’m using the “fake it until you make it” way of getting to the positive. 🙂

    We are on this journey together. We KNOW it is going to be difficult at times. However, we CAN get through anything as long as we have an awesome support network and think positively! 😀


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