Day 43 – Beautiful Monday

It's a Beautiful Day

Ahhhh Monday . . . Normally, I cannot stand you.  Manic Monday.  Maniacal Monday.  Asshole Monday.  Today is Day 43 of the Year of My New Beginning.  Therefore, I am switching it up to Beautiful Monday.  Positivity.  It is what I need to ensure I stay the course.

Today, I woke up early.  Took my time getting up and about.  Was able to make all the way through my Supercharged Sculpting workout.  Shortly after that, the puppies and I went for a 3.5 mile walk.  Even though it is only 35 outside, I broke a major sweat.  They were panting pretty good by the time all was said and done, too!  We accomplished it in just under an hour (59 minutes to be exact)!  We are getting stronger every day!

Food . . . well, I’m working on that.  I REALLY need to push the water today.  Today is a leftovers day.  Payday isn’t until Wednesday, so any shopping must wait until then.

While walking, I thought more about the weight loss challenge others are participating in.  I cannot help but to think about others who may be like me and not at a spot on their journey where competition can be introduced.  I get discouraged too quickly.  I am fairly certain there are others who do, as well.

Weight loss should not be about competition.  Weight loss should not be about money.  Each person’s journey is a personal one.  Each person has to be mentally ready to embark upon a lifestyle change.

I am thankful I missed the meeting today.  As a fact, I plan to remove myself and not participate.  I do not get a warm fuzzy.  It reminds me of an Overeaters Anonymous Meeting I attended a few times.  It made me feel like I was in some dark, seedy, out-of-the-way place (even though it was in the small basement conference room at work).  I do not feel uncomfortable very often.  The one meeting I attended made me feel uncomfortable.  I cannot pinpoint what specifically made me feel that way.  I only know something did.  If something makes me feel like that, I steer clear of it.

Enough of the darkness.  The sun is out.  The puppies and I were able to be outside and enjoy the crisp, end of winter day.  I was able to get my workout in.  I am having a magnificent Monday!

Off to work I go . . .

The Beauty of a Woman




8 thoughts on “Day 43 – Beautiful Monday

  1. What a Magnificent Monday it is!!! You rocked it this morning, be proud of yourself. I am not sure what meeting/competition that you are referring too, however I am happy that you listened to your intuition and stayed clear of it. Kudos to you for doing that.

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    • It was something I had mentioned in my post for Days 41 and 42. At work, there was a ‘weight loss support group’ formed. It is called ‘The 8 Week Healthy Challenge’. The challenge is supposed to track points for weight loss, drinking water, working out, not eating sugar, amongst other things. There is a $20 cost to participate. At the end of the challenge, the prize is split between the person with the highest % weight lost and the person with the highest points. For me, I personally feel this could be detrimental for someone who is just beginning this journey and not yet in the right mindset. I tend to be extremely competitive and I know I would take extreme measures to ensure I win at all costs. NOT a healthy way to go. So for me, it is best to avoid situations like that.

      I am determined to go so much further than I ever have before on this journey. In order to ensure my success, I must be in the right head space. I am slowly getting there.

      Baby Steps. 😊


      • Yes I saw the prior post a little bit ago. I commented there and I totally understand. I am a fierce competitor so it is best that I stand clear of those types of challenges. I totally understand. Great job recognizing this for yourself and making a wise choice!

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      • I saw the response to this one before I saw the one to Days 41 and 42. I think I’m all caught up now. 😉 My biggest fear would be someone who does not realize where they are currently on their own weight loss journey and have competitive natures. I hope it does not happen, though.

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  2. Proud of you! follow your guts… if something doesnt feel right, then it’s not right!
    No competition. only you, your qualities, your flaws, your journey! keep up the good work we’re behind you 😊😊😊


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