Day 44 – Terrific Tuesday

The Secret of Being Happy

Day 44 is Terrific Tuesday!  When closing my emails, the last line is “Thank you and have a terrific Tuesday!”  (I have a positive word for each work day:  magnificent Monday; terrific Tuesday; wonderful Wednesday; tranquil Thursday; and fantastic Friday!)  After my blog post about domestic abuse (here), I need something positive.  I ended up not falling asleep until after 0330 and then it wasn’t even a restful sleep.  I hate it when it happens.

My Day 44 is an absolute success!  I completed Ultimate Calorie Blaster (not one of my favorites) and was able to take the fur babies for a 2.32 mile walk.  They were happy.  I was happy.  We all were happy!  I’ve kept my food on track today.  According to My Fitness Pal, “If every day were like today…You’d weigh 195.7 lbs in 5 weeks.”  That would be awesome!

One of my short term goals weight loss-wise is to be under the 200 pound mark before Friday, 8 April 2016.  I have not been below 200 since the beginning of the 21st Century.  I was well over 200 by 2002.  This is 2016.  It is the Year of My New Beginning.  I WILL get under 200!

Today was a terrific Tuesday for a walk with the puppies.  It is the last decent day before the winter storm moves in tomorrow.  According to our wonderful meteorologist (he truly is awesome!), we are looking at 7″ – 10″ of System Snow.  I kept saying, “Please change it to Lake Effect!”

For those wondering if there is a difference in snow, the answer is YES!  Living in the Midwest (and near the Great Lakes), we are lucky enough to experience two different types of snow:  System Snow and Lake Effect Snow.  System Snow is the heavy, wet, big, fat snowflake kind.  We refer to it as Heart Attack Inducing Snow because it is so damn heavy to shovel.  Lake Effect Snow is fluffy and light.  When removing it from vehicles, one only needs a broom.  (When I was doing all that shoveling a couple of weeks ago, it was all Lake Effect.  I was able to push the shovel with one hand.)

Over the next two days, we are going to get dumped on.  It’s not a ginormous event.  It is big, nonetheless.  Depending upon how much falls before Noon O’Clock tomorrow will determine how much shoveling I will actually do.  I may be forced to break out the Snow Blower Beast.  It is built for this type of snow.  Only time will tell which way I will go.

Tonight I will make this a short entry.  Tomorrow I need to get up early because I have an appointment to make my hands and feet happy.  Tomorrow is Mani-Pedi Day!  Happy Hands and Happy Feet make for a very happy Patti!  😀

And on that note, here is my Positive for the night:

Let Every Dream


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