Day 47 – Fantastic Friday!

Good Things Come to Those Who

This is me today!  I am going to EARN the body I want!  I am going to EARN the mental peace and tranquility I desire!  The only way to do it is to work for it.  This hearkens back to 1984 for me.  I did not ‘join’ the Marine Corps.  I EARNED the title through my blood, sweat and a whole lot of tears!  With that being said . . .

I completed yesterday’s workouts today (Jiggle Free Arms and Jiggle Free Abs) and will do today’s workout (Ultimate Calorie Blaster) tomorrow.  The hubby will be doing his normal errands and because it is the last Saturday of the month, he will go and donate blood.  That will give me more than enough time to knock out a 45 minute workout.  I’ve got a plan!  🙂

The food is going to be a little tricky.  I have not made it to the grocery store for a couple of weeks. I have things in the house I can prepare but . . . they are not the healthiest of choices.  Having clocked into work two hours early squashes the ability to go to the store.  However, I shall make do with what is available.  As long as I keep things in moderation, I will be just fine.  Positive thoughts.  Positive thoughts!

Another positive . . . I think my belly overhang just may be shrinking!  It is so hard for me to tell if it is actually happening or if it is simply my wishful thinking!  I do know the sleeves on some of my tops are looser.  Positives!  More positives!

I am working extremely hard this time around to evict the Negative Nancy who lives in my brain-housing group.  She is no longer going to rule my thoughts.  She will no longer put the Negative Nancy Glasses on me when I look in the mirror . . . The ones which show me as some two ton beast.  I will no longer allow her to tell me I am not enough!  Negative Nancy and her Negative Baggage are being shoved toward the door daily.  I am stronger than she is!

I Am


3 thoughts on “Day 47 – Fantastic Friday!

  1. I hate negative Nancy, she is rude, and it is time for her to go! Shove her right out of your life, and focus on all your positives, celebrate all the small wins that will turn into the big win! Keep it up, you are doing great!! 🙂

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