Days 49 and 50 – Time to Buckle Down

Decide What You Want

Yep. I failed to do this.  I did not write that shit down.  I have a plan.  I do.  I am working on some things but letting others slide.  So now, with Crunch Time fast approaching, I need to buckle down and get moving!

In order to move up to the next level at work, I need to obtain a certification.  I have an online course I am enrolled in and have six months to complete.  Six months is up at the end of next month.  So, effective today (since I prefer starting things on Mondays) I will be allowing myself two hours for blogging and devoting the rest to knocking out those 77 videos.  Thankfully, each video is no more than 30 or so minutes.  Some are even less than that.  I will need to spend as much time taking the practice exams as possible.  I want to pass the actual exam the first time through.

My problem is I get distracted too easily.  I REALLY need to block out the external stimuli.  I have started by minimizing the amount of time I skim Facebook.  I have switched my phone to silent mode.  I have turned off most notifications.  Little things.  Baby Steps.

Yesterday was a Rest Day.  I was pretty much a slug.  I napped.  I read.  I barely got in my 10,000 steps.  BUT . . . I did manage to get in a 2.32 mile walk with the puppies before the rain set in.  It’s hard to believe it was in the 60s yesterday and then, while watching The Walking Dead, I saw it was spitting snow!  I just love how fickle Mother Nature is in this area!  😀  By the time we were at the end of our walk, the rain was coming down.  Milo was definitely NOT happy about it!

Today I completed Jiggle Free Buns and a 2.52 mile walk with the puppies.  I would have completed Jiggle Free Abs but my sugar is off.  It still isn’t right.  This tells me I need to take my lazy ass to the store and buy the things I need to ensure I am eating properly rather than relying on whatever is remaining in the house.  Looks like it will be a trip after work since I have not left time for it before work.

We are down to one vehicle for now.  On Saturday night, my husband was returning from Dairy Queen when his car broke down literally one tenth of a mile from our driveway.  We are very thankful he was not on the freeway on the way to work when it happened because it could have been devastatingly worse.

I had a medium Oreo Blizzard made with Chocolate ice cream.  And even with having that, I barely went over my caloric allotment for the day.  Eventually, I will be able to have a mini blizzard and be satisfied.  Baby Steps.  Baby Steps!

Today’s lunch consists of chicken broth and a cup of Minute Rice. It is my version of Chicken and Rice.  I do not like anything with bones in it.  If I am eating something and I come across something I think is a bone, I throw the entire thing out.  Then, I have to fight to keep the contents of my stomach.  This is an oddity because I can sit around the dinner table and discuss the most disgusting and vile things while eating and it does not phase me.

When I do actually eat meat, I trim all the fat off of it.  I cook it until it is shoe leather.  I only buy boneless, skinless chicken breasts.  Even those get reduced to almost nothing by the time I am through with them.  My husband HATES to watch me when preparing meat and poultry!

I’m still trying to figure out if it is only my imagination or if my body is really registering the results.  My work slacks appeared to have quite a bit of extra room in the waist.  I’m itchin’ to bust out the tape measure!  However, I am forcing myself to wait until Measurements Wednesday.  If I did and I did not like the results, this could quickly go from Magnificent Monday to Maniacal Monday!  Here’s hoping!  🙂

Well . . . Time to go and prepare my meals for the next couple of days.  I made a pot of wheat rotini pasta and threw in a can of kidney beans, Kuner’s Southwestern Pinto Beans with Jalapenos, Kuner’s Southwestern Chili Tomatoes diced with Chili Spices and a can of no salt added tomato sauce.  I figure the one pot is going to make my lunch and dinners for the next three days.  If I pick up a thing of Half & Half Salad Mix, I will really have my veggies knocked out.  It’s a good thing I don’t mind eating the same things for lunch and dinner multiple days each week!  🙂

My positive for the night . . .

For Every Positive



2 thoughts on “Days 49 and 50 – Time to Buckle Down

  1. Hahaha chicken bones . Glad another adult is the same way ! 😆 Or veins in meat . Or..eggs..nope, just nope . The cage free organic have the most icky things in them . Lol Wich 77 videos are you using ? I could totally jiggle for weight loss . Sounds great ! 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    • I forgot about the veins!! Anything disgusting!! LOL I may start off with a piece of meat that is SUPPOSED to be like a pound and by the time I am done, there’s barely enough for a single bite!!

      I’ve signed up for The CBTNuggets Network + course. The workout series I am doing is by The FIRM. It uses their TransFIRMer Incline Box. It has Supercharged Sculpting, Aerobic Body Shaping, Ultimate Calorie Blaster, Jiggle Free Abs, Jiggle Free Arms and Jiggle Free Buns. I will be so damn glad when everything does stop jiggling!! LOL


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