Day 52 – Reminder to Self: Slow and Steady

It Does Not Matter How Slow

Today is Measurements Day.  Although the numbers are not what I want them to be, they are still better than they were last week.  Reminder to Self:  Slow and Steady.  Baby Steps.  I am really trying to not be down about the results.  Truly I am.  I just need to tweak whatever the hell I am doing a little more.  I want to be under 200 by Friday, 8 April 2016.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Difference +/-

Upper Chest







No Change




No Change

Upper Arm








Upper Hip




Lower Hip




Upper Thigh



No Change




No Change









One of the places I KNOW I need to tweak is SLEEP.  I know I need to get more than the 5.5 – 6 hours I get each night.  My problem is figuring out the best way to do that.  Working Second Shift means I work 1430 – 2300.  If I stay up four hours after getting off work, it puts me at 0300.  If I sleep eight hours, I would be getting up at 1100.  It takes my body at least an hour to actually ‘wake up’ (where I’m not moving like a 108-year-old).  This brings me to Noon O’Clock.  If I work out for an hour, I am now at 1300.  Time to get ready for work.  This leaves no time to walk the dogs or to run any errands.  Hell, it leaves me no time for much of anything.

I suppose I should try to force my mind to shut down no later than 0100.  I could sleep until 0900 and still have time to do the things I listed above.  Trying to shut my mind off is like putting a butterfly bandage on an arterial bleed.  I truly envy my husband’s ability to lay his head on the pillow and be out within two to three minutes!

Workout was terrible.  Eating was terrible.  This was a very off day.  It hasn’t been any one particular thing, either.  I was only able to make it through half of Ultimate Calorie BlasterI felt completely drained.  It could be due to low blood sugar.  A lot of is probably due to how poorly I slept.

I had to shovel my drive after getting off work last night.  By the time I went to couch (because I do not sleep in my bed when the hubby’s gone), I had almost 5000 steps.  I walked 2.2 miles in the driveway.  (Shout out to Fitbit for tracking my walk! 😉 )  I think I failed to eat something after, though.  And for whatever reason, I was unable to fall asleep.  I was waking up about every half hour or so.

Like I said . . . a very off day.

You Have to Fight Through



6 thoughts on “Day 52 – Reminder to Self: Slow and Steady

  1. I am major tweeker! Constantly tweeking something. I think tweeking is the way to go as opposed to making huge changes all at once. My last two days were mot that great for food and fitness, too busy at work, but back on track today and feeling super excited about it! I love the start of a new day! Have a great weekend!

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  2. We all have our off days… Or if you are like me off two weeks… I just got back on track this week and will be updating soon…you are doing great, just keep saying it, thinking it and feeling it! Baby steps is exactly right! 🙂

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    • The way the past week or so has been going for me, I was beginning to think the Full Moon Cycle is lasting a lot longer than a day or two! 😉 It has definitely been strange around here! I’m still taking them, though!! (Baby Steps) ❤ ❤


  3. You know what? And of course I don’t mean anything bad by what I’m about to say… But it is comforting to know that we are all having a difficult time right now, I mean is it a coincidence, is it the full moon, is it just that time of the year? But funny, why now? We need to stick to it, and stay on track taking comfort in the fact that sometimes we get into a rut…I think this might be a part of the baby steps!

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