My Amanda Sings Award Nomination

Miranda Sings Award

I was very kindly nominated for this award by tryingnottohate!

The purpose of the award is to let all of your blogging friends know what makes you happiest when thinking about yourself.


  • Announce your win with a post and link the blogger who nominated you.
  • Include the featured image on your blog post.
  • Nominate 10 bloggers (or as many as you can think of) and link your awardees in the post.
  • List 7 things you love about yourself (This can be about your appearance, your personality, your achievements, etc.)
  • Don’t use negative connotation. (I.e. Don’t say things like – I’m prettier than an average person or People have told me I’m smart. You ARE pretty. You ARE smart etc!

7 Things I LOVE about myself:

  1. I love my fierce protectiveness of my family and friends.
  2. I love being a United States Marine.
  3. I love how I am able to see ‘both sides of the fence’ for many situations.
  4. I love my eyes – they are very expressive.
  5. I love that I have a BS in Information Systems Cybersecurity (even if it did take until I was 48 to earn it!)
  6. I love how even though I have experienced many negatives in my life, I still have and believe in Faith, Hope, and Love.
  7. I love my unwavering love and loyalty to my family and friends.

My Nominees:












5 thoughts on “My Amanda Sings Award Nomination

    • Yes, Ma’am! Proudly served 13 Years. My husband is a Retired Marine, both of my sons are Active Duty Marines, my cousin and her husband are Marines, two other cousins were married to Marines, a second cousin is a Marine. We have more Marines in our family than Army, Navy and Air Force combined! 😀

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