Day 61 – T.G.I.F.!!!!


I am SOOOO glad it is Friday!  These past couple of weeks have been rough!  I snagged the picture because the puppies reminded me of my Honey-Girl when she was little:

Cannot forget Milo!

Today really has not gone as I had planned.  My intentions were to walk the dogs, take them to the doctor, come home, workout and then clean the house before work.  I was able to take the puppies for a walk and to the doctor.  I ran the vacuum and that was it.  I. Am. A. Slug.

We walked 3.52 miles this morning.  We had almost hit the half mile mark when we met up with Diesel, The Service Dog and his owner.  They walked with us for about a mile.  Well, Diesel’s owner rode his bike, Diesel, Honey, Milo and I all trotted along next to him.  🙂  It was such a nice change of pace to actually talk to another human while walking!  It made the time fly by!

Honey and Milo both need to lose weight, according to their doctor.  He has been saying that for a couple of years now.  Milo has two new fatty lumps growing.  We know they are fatty lumps because he has a good-sized one that we aspirated some cells from last year.  I learned if dogs have one, they typically get more.  All shots are up-to-date.  Everything else is wonderful for them.

As I was driving to the vet’s office, I kept catching a whiff of poo.  For about a millisecond, I was wondering why.  And then . . . I realized it was because I had Milo’s stool sample in my left pocket and Honey’s in my right!  I am such an idiot sometimes!  LOL  (I grabbed a couple of Zip Lock baggies and a plastic fork to obtain the samples before leaving the house.)

Other than that, this day has been a bust.  I have eaten just about all of my caloric allotment for the day between breakfast, lunch and a waffle cone filled with chocolate ice cream!.  I need to get the eating under control or else I will not get to where I want to be within the time I want to get there.

Oh well . . . This funk shall pass.  I am NOT going to beat myself up for having an off couple of weeks.  I am also NOT going to let these off couple of weeks completely derail the progress I have made.  (It is something I have done repeatedly in the past.  :-S )

It is Friday.  The weekend is here.  It can only get better!  Always Believe



21 thoughts on “Day 61 – T.G.I.F.!!!!

    • Thank You!! It is so bloody hard to stay in the ‘right’ mindset all the time! I swear, these past few days, the only thing I want to do is sit on my bum and eat Little Caesar’s Deep Deep Dish Pizza – the whole thing!! I don’t know if it is the change in weather or what, but something sure is throwing everything out of whack for me!!

      BUT . . . I am NOT going to let these past couple of weeks defeat me!!

      You and I have this!!

      “A few ‘bad’ days can’t ruin a weight loss plan…Only giving up can do that. Just keep going and you’ll get there!”

      ❤ ❤

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  1. Love those pups of yours! Walking 3.75 miles is good, too. I cannot convey enough that walking is one of the best forms of exercise. I know it might not seem like you are doing a full blown workout but walking counts and I see you walk most days, plus your other blaster workouts, but I think it’s GREAT that you walk. Plus it makes your dog’s happy, I’m sure. Good feelings all around. You will get your normal motivation back. I know it’s frustrating when you want to feel motivated but you’re just not feelin’ it. You will get your MOJO back, so to speak. Me, too, hopefully! Have a great weekend and give your dog’s a pat on the head from me 🙂

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    • Thank you!! I am still working on the “All or Nothing” thought process. It isn’t easy, let me tell you! So, I will “fake it until I make it!”

      I hope you have an amazing weekend!! ❤ ❤

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      • Ok. So, yes, I also struggle with the all or nothing, too. I was just thinking about that today. I was considering committing to only running 1.5 miles and jumping 20 min. Only, everyday. I thought it would be better to be consistent than to try to do more and more and then FAIL for a whole week. I don’t know…. 🙂

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      • While walking the dogs today, I was thinking about consistency, too! No matter what I do, I need to be CONSISTENT. I need to apply it, not only to exercising, but to my eating as well. The one thing I absolutely know is the whole “All or Nothing” needs to disappear from my brain-housing group! 🙂 ❤ ❤

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      • Ok, we will work on it together! I just ate a piece of red velvet cheesecake. I feel sick…. It was good for the first 3 bites but after that, I feel ILL. LOL!

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      • I wished I had your self-control! Today has NOT been a good food day for me!

        I had a Women Marines Association meeting. I selected a healthy option for lunch but then had strawberry shortcake topped with ice cream for dessert. Then this evening, the hubby and I went out to dinner at Hacienda. I ate half of my regular-sized shredded beef burrito . . . but then had their sizzling hot apple pie for dessert. It was topped with ice cream, too!! As we were driving home from the restaurant, I told my husband I felt like I was nine months pregnant because I ate too damn much!! What is terrible is I wasn’t hungry when I got home from my meeting. 😦

        Tomorrow is a new day. I WILL get back on track!

        We got this!!

        ❤ ❤

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      • I have many times eaten where I don’t feel good after I’ve gorged myself, gets us back on track REAL fast! I love beef burritos. We definitely got this, tomorrow we can do better. If it’s Monday, that’s ok. Do you eat out a lot? We go out about once a week and I just enjoy myself and don’t worry about it. I don’t think you eat out during the week, I don’t remember reading that you do. Is your husband a truck driver? Mine was, he’s retired from that now but he got bored and got a job with TX Dot now.

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      • We typically eat out on Saturdays since the hubby is a truck driver. He is gone Sunday through Friday most weeks. I’m a pasta-holic! I could eat at Olive Garden three times per day, seven days per week! LOL Nope. I typically do not eat out during the week. Last week, I think because of time constraints, I ended up getting fast food. 😦 However, I will not beat myself up over it. This is the start of a new week. My goal is to actually go grocery shopping Tuesday after work. I am feeling optimistic that I will want to cook something other than Ready to Serve, Single Serve, Jasmine Rice and chicken broth. 😀

        Today I was able to get myself back on track. Yesterday, I had a migraine and really did not feel like eating but made myself. I did not want to have any dips in blood sugar by the time morning rolled around.

        I feel the funk of the past two weeks dissipating! (At least it damn well better!)

        ❤ ❤

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      • We love pasta, too! I haven’t really planned too much this week except St. Patrick’s Day. Sorry about your migraine, glad you felt better today! There was a weird funk going on for the last few weeks with a lot of people, myself included! The stars must have been lined up just “right” or something for everyone to feel funky at the same time. My funk wore off in time for me to enjoy my second week of vacation, thank goodness. Have a great week and have fun grocery shopping tomorrow! Oh, I think you and I talked about paczki one time and I couldn’t find any, well, I saw some at Walmart over the weekend and I was briefly excited until I came to my senses and thought, geez, how old are they and it’s Walmart, not a polish bakery and you just made a huge cheesecake, keep walking! LOL!

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      • I’m glad you were able to enjoy your second week of vacation! That would have been horrible to be in the funk the entire time! I am still wondering what caused it. Could it have been due to transitioning from winter to spring? Maybe some freakish weather front settled in across the world? I do not know! 🙃 Yes, we did talk about the paczkis! I am glad you did come to your senses! Walmart?! 😳 LOL

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