Day 65 – Bring On Spring!


Spring is almost here!  I snapped that picture as I was walking the dogs before work today.  Just a couple of random flowers popping up in the middle of no where with nothing but brown scruff still around.  🙂  What is funny is my childhood best friend’s sister had made a post on Facebook:

Jeanne's 15 March Facebook Post

I just happened to look down and see the flower.  It was not there yesterday!  So, Jackie is letting us know she’s thinking of us!  ❤  ❤

Today is Day 65.  I got up and did Jiggle Free Arms and Jiggle Free Abs.  Immediately after that, I took the puppies for a 3.58 mile walk.  We were walking much slower today.  I think it was because I was listening to my Zombie Podcast, We’re Alive, rather than my Run to the Cadence of U.S. Marines walking motivation playlist.  When I listen to my walking motivation playlist, I tend to try and keep in step as they call out cadence.  Of course because they are double-timing, I am always out of step.  However, it sure as hell is fun trying, though!

Yesterday , I was talking about how my sciatica was acting up and that I did not think the warmup on the workout I performed was long enough.  Today, I have not had an issue with it.  I do believe my body is telling me I definitely need the longer warmups.

Yes, I could do some sort of pre-warmup before actually starting the workout.  I do not want to.  Over the years, I have spent a shit-ton of money on workout DVDs.  I have noticed with the ‘newer’ or ‘improved’ and shorter workouts, the warmups have been drastically shortened.  I’m not liking that.

I prefer the workouts where the warmups are longer than 2 minutes, 30 seconds long.  Is a body truly warmed up in such a short amount of time?  Or is it just because my body is almost a 1/2 Century old and has been carrying around an extra person for almost 18 years?  Oh well . . . I know what I need to do and I WILL do it!

Food was meh today.  I ended up getting a KFC Bowl for lunch.  The good thing is it fills me up.  Plus, I’ve been trying to push the water today.  Dinner will be extremely light.  Knowing me, it will probably be a container of the Minute Rice Jasmine Rice with some butter on it.  Not really hungry.

I have to make a shopping list so I can go grocery shopping tonight.  I really wish I could find a menu plan where the meals/recipes are for one person/serving.  I HATE trying to figure that out!  It is a pain in the ass!  I hate trying to figure it out as much as I hate to cook!  I am a microwave, pour it into a bowl, slap it into a sandwich kind of girl!  The less work, the better!

Spring is just around the corner.  The weather here has been about 10-15 degrees above normal.  Tonight we are supposed to get some thunderstorms.  I LOVE thunderstorms!  I LOVE windy days!  I LOVE how Mother Nature, fickle though she may be, ALWAYS lets us know SHE is in charge!

I feel as though the funk of the past couple of weeks really and truly is gone.  I seriously would love to know what the hell caused the ENTIRE WORLD to fall into it!  I think I shall put it down to the transition between Winter and Spring.  🙂

So even though I had KFC, I still did not do too badly.  I am not going to beat myself up.  I’m going to drag my behind to the grocery store so I can buy my healthy shit as my husband and son calls it.


Don't Think About What Can Happen


3 thoughts on “Day 65 – Bring On Spring!

  1. I hate cooking for one! I always did meal planning but of course with how the last few weeks went that went out the window too!! So I am now back on track with that, instead of eating 10-12 100 calorie snacks through the day…cause that is what I do when I’m alone and don’t have the kids to cook for…

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    • I am so glad you’re back on track, too! I never thought about doing 10-12 100 calorie snacks! I think I’ve given up on meal planning, though. It stresses me out to plan and try to figure out the math for reducing a recipe meant for four down to one. Seriously! I find all these amazing recipes I want to try. They require ingredients I do not use on a regular basis. Why would I spend a crap-ton of money for something I only need a tablespoon of?! To me, it is so much waste. So in the end, I go for the simple, easy and quick stuff. Not necessarily always the best, though. 😊


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      • I’m a pretty good cook, and typically through a normal week, I’m fine, my issue is when the kids are gone, I just snack, I could stay within my calories, but literally, I’ll have a fibre one bar for breakfast, a granola bar for snack, a package of thinsations, then a 1/2 cup serving of ice cream, then a clementine, then a protein bar… I don’t actually eat a good meal, it’s easy but definitely not good for you… I have to start meal prepping better for weekends where I’m alone with no kids.


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