Days 62 Through 64 – Ups and Downs

Ups and Downs

On Saturday (Day 62), I over-indulged in a horrendous way food-wise.  I had a Women Marines Association meeting.  The meetings are always held at a local-to-the-area restaurant.  I selected one of the healthier options for lunch but then had strawberry shortcake topped with ice cream for dessert.

Then, the hubby and I went out to dinner at Hacienda.  I ate half of my regular-sized shredded beef burrito . . . but then had their sizzling hot apple pie for dessert.  It was topped with ice cream, too!!  (I only ate half of it, too.)  As we were driving home from the restaurant, I told my husband I felt like I was nine months pregnant because I ate too damn much!!  What is terrible is I wasn’t even hungry when I got home from my meeting.  😦

I did start the day off with a 3.58 mile walk with the puppies.  We jogged about a 1/2 mile at the end because I needed to hurry up and get ready for the meeting.  (I still ended up being an hour late.)  I overslept but had made the determination the night before I was going to take them no matter what.  They were happy and that is all that counts.

On Sunday (Day 63), I was down for the count.  I woke up with a migraine.  I did nothing but sleep all day.  I think my FitBit said I had about 1900ish steps for the entire day.  The puppies were sad because they did not get to walk.  The only plus is that it rained for about 90% of the day.  Milo HATES to get wet!  So, he only went out when he HAD to.  🙂  Honey doesn’t care.  She can be a major air head at times!  No matter what, though, I love them fur babies!

Monday (Day 64) dawned overcast.  When I woke up, I still felt off.  However, I was determined this week WILL be better than the past two weeks.  I switched things up a bit.  I did ChaLEAN Extreme Burn Phase I.  After that, I took the puppies for a 3.62 mile walk.  It took everything I had to complete the walk.  I think the only reason I was able to was because I knew regardless of where I was, I still had to make the return route.  It would take too long to find someone to come to my rescue!  LOL  When we finished our walk, I made myself lunch and then got ready for work.

I did notice my sciatica has been acting up all day today.  I am thinking my warmup was not enough of a warmup.  As a fact, if I remember correctly, this is why I switched back to doing my FIRM workouts from my Team Beachbody workouts . . . Because of the difference in the warmups.  So, tomorrow it will be back to my FIRM workouts.

Another thing I have noticed (and this was on Saturday), is when I am walking with the puppies and I jog for a little bit (typically about a 1/2 mile), I have not been suffering ill effects like I was before.  I pushed myself a little harder on Saturday.  I know had I started jogging a little sooner, I would have jogged farther.  This means my endurance is building again!

I am hoping I will be able to jog at least three miles again.  At the time of my Discharge, I was running about five miles in the hills of 29 Palms.  My girlfriend and I would go out at lunchtime.  We would have a frozen bottle of water at the start of the run.  It was melted and gone by the time we returned!  I miss those days and I miss her!

I know the puppies will not be able to jog/run that distance.  Milo does a lot of limping on the days when I push them harder than normal.  He’s seven now.  Honey is five. So, should I ever be at the point when I can jog/run again, I will need to take them for their walks and then go out for runs by myself.  Baby steps!  I do not want to get ahead of myself!

When it comes time for Measurements Day, I am expecting to see either a gain (pounds) or stay the same.  There were a few rough days.  Because of time constraints, I ended up getting fast food a couple of times.  I really do try to avoid doing that.  Not only does my waistline thank me, my wallet does, too!

I remember back in the day (20th Century) when fast food used to be a treat.  It was something to get on special occasions.  Now, it’s an almost every day occurrence for so many people.  I remember on the RARE – and I do mean RARE – occasions when my mom could afford a hamburger from McDonald’s, we all used to think Santa had come early!  It made it special.  Today, I cannot say the same thing.  Ahhh . . . The good ol’ days!  🙂

Anyway, even though the past two weeks have been off (and some days, downright shitty), I am not going to let that slow me down or deter me!

Never Let A Stumble



10 thoughts on “Days 62 Through 64 – Ups and Downs

  1. Definitely don’t let that get you down!! You know what you’ve done wrong this week and that’s the most important thing to starting a fresh and Moving on!! Well done with your endurance, I keep telling myself I’ll get running but I’m still locking myself in the house with my skipping rope, haha!!!

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    • I have a feeling it’s going to be a while before there is any actual running happening for me! LOL Foe now, I’m sticking to my workout DVDs and walking my fur babies. I would try skipping rope, but my ceilings are too low. I guess I could always bust out my mini-trampoline.

      I have a collection of assorted fitness gadgets. Over the years I have collected fitness balls, treadmill, elliptical, Ab Glider, The TransFIRMER Box, The FIRM’s Wave step thingy, an assortment of handheld weights, exercise bands and a mini-trampoline. I’m probably missing some things, too! I could probably start my own mini-gym. LOL

      This week WILL be amazing!!


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      • Hahaha I know what you mean… The exercise equipment I do have at home I just don’t use, it’s awful! I don’t have the will power unless I actually get off my bum and go to the gym!!!!

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      • I am sure my husband would love for me to clear up some space in the house! Thankfully, most of my gadgets are small and can be tucked away in a closet. 😊 The poor treadmill and elliptical are so depressed because they have been neglected (i.e. Not used) for years!! I have not been to a gym in years. I love the privacy of my own home. This way, when I’m floundering my way through a workout DVD the only ones to notice the ginormous beached whale in the family room are the two dogs and two cats!! 🙃



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