Days 69 and 70 – The Weekends Fly By Too Fast

I Swear Friday

I can’t believe the weekend is over already!  The time seemed to have flown right on out the window!  It’s Sunday night and almost time for The Walking Dead!

On Saturday (Day 69), the pups and I cleaned up the trash on the trail.  Well, we cleaned up quite a bit of it.  The walk ended up being 4.5 miles and almost two hours long.  We ended up with several bags of trash . . . Again.  I feel better now.  On today’s walk, I noticed stuff I missed.  Maybe I will pick it up next weekend.

The hubby and I went out to eat at Tony Sacco’s Coal Oven Pizzeria for our weekend date.  He got the Aloha Pizza.  I ordered the Pollo Di Forno sandwich with pasta salad.  For dessert, he had a large Snickers Blizzard and I had a medium Oreo Blizzard made with chocolate ice cream.  Not the best choices, I know.  I’m working on it, though.  Baby Steps.  Baby Steps.

Today (Day 70), I have been on track food wise.  The pups and I walked 4.92 miles today.  I felt like a terrible parent because poor Honey got hot and I forgot to bring their travel water bottle.  (It’s a bottle and has a little tray that folds up.  I keep it on a lanyard so it’s easy to carry.)

I need to go grocery shopping tomorrow.  I could probably get away with not shopping but I don’t want to run the chance of running out of time or being too lazy and then getting fast food because of it.

Spring is officially here.  Unfortunately, it also means we are heading into Bug Season.  I have found numerous ticks on Honey.  They do not seem to like Milo overly much.  Honey has already had Lyme Disease.  It was a few years ago.  Had I not been the hyper-vigilant pet parent, I could have easily missed the signs.  They both get vaccinated regularly.  They get their flea and tick medicine every month.  If something seems off, I get them in to see their doctor.

Since my thoughts are starting to scatter, I believe it is time for me to step away from my electronic device.  Hopefully, I can get at least seven hours of sleep tonight.  It is one more thing I need to work on!

Tomorrow is the start of a new week.  NOTE TO SELF:

Exercise to Be Fit


4 thoughts on “Days 69 and 70 – The Weekends Fly By Too Fast

  1. I like your poster at the end. Your pizza date sounds good! The weekend definitely flies by too fast, oh well! Here we go again, have a great week!

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      • I also have to remind myself. It’s easy to get caught up and excited to lose weight but makes more sense to lean more towards being healthy, I think. 🙂

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      • I absolutely concur! I honestly cannot use the word ‘diet’ because I go into a panic mentally. Lifestyle change makes so much more sense. If we change our lifestyle, then the goals we wish to achieve can and WILL be accomplished!


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