Day 74 – Tranquil Thursday

It's Tranquil Thursday

Here in Southwestern Michigan, it is 55 but feels like 53 and very rainy.  The poor pups are depressed today.  They do not like having to stay in the house today.  Milo really hates to go outside when it is like this.  Honey will go and just stand there.  She is a goofy one!

Today I completed Jiggle Free Arms and Jiggle Free Abs.  I wish I could take the pups for their daily walk.  However, I have still been active and that is what counts!  My food is on point for the day, thus far.

I did not end Day 73 on a good note food-wise.  For dinner, I ate not one, not two, but three bagels for dinner!  I had shmear on all of them, too.  I wanted to kick the ass of whomever left the damn things on my desk at work!  Einstein Brothers Bagels are the bomb!  I definitely could not resist.  :-S

As I was working out today, a light bulb went off in my head.  I FINALLY realized another major reason why I gave up on the various exercise systems/programs I have obtained over the years.  It is because I had UNREALISTIC expectations.  I was expecting miraculous results within the specified timeframe of the program.  If a program was only 30 days, I was expecting to lose all my excess weight and inches.  I FAILED to realize it takes MORE THAN ONE round of any given program when one has 100 plus pounds and a massive number of inches to lose.  I was expecting a ‘quick fix’ out of each of the programs.

I really wish the infomercials would share how many rounds each successful person completed in order to get those fantastic results.  I mean, seriously!  The success stories worked their assess off but they did not achieve their awesome results by doing one and done.

With my newly gained insight, I can move forward and be successful.  I cannot do ‘one and done.’  Ever.  I must push Play round after round after round.  I can do this.  I repeat:  I CAN DO THIS!  I am selfish and want to be around for at least another 50 years so I can have fun torturing my loved ones with my wacky-craziness!

My positive thought for today:

I May Not Be Pretty


6 thoughts on “Day 74 – Tranquil Thursday

  1. You mean to tell me we have to keep going?!?! What is this nonsense you speak?!?!? 😀 Seriously now, a few years ago, I did the Insanity DVD’s and I did the whole 60 days, and even after that I was down about 7 pounds in total but I did lose inches, I can’t recall how many now, as I have put all of it and then some back, but I remember thinking, that’s it?? I’m not where I want to be and I’m done! You are very correct, you have to continuously press play, as for me instead of pressing play for another 60 days, I stopped. I’m glad you came to this epiphany, and you are beautiful inside and out! 🙂 Great work today! Keep it up! 🙂

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