Day 75 – Fantastic Friday

Fantastic Friday

The weekend is here!  The weekend is here!  OMG The friggin’ weekend is finally here!  😀

It IS a Fantastic Friday for the following reasons:

  1. I completed Cardio Sculpt Blaster and did not die.
  2. I walked 3.02 miles and jogged .5 miles with the pups today.
  3. My husband actually got home before I had to leave for work.
  4. I had vegetable fried rice for dinner.

It is not a complete list of reasons, but they are the ones that popped into the brain-housing group first!

Today started out kinda gloomy and overcast.  The rain from yesterday was gone; only the clouds remained.  Rather than jump right into a workout, I opted to eat a bowl of oatmeal.  While waiting for it to start digesting, I straightened up around the house (AKA vacuuming to loosen the back).  I checked the weather to ensure there would be no surprises when the pups and I ventured outside.  Was very happy to see there would not be.

I am wicked happy I decided to swap workout DVDs.  Cardio Sculpt Blaster may only be 30 minutes long, but it definitely makes me break a major sweat!  I like how the warmup is not shortened even though this is a shorter workout.  I am able to keep up (mostly) with all the moves.  Another great thing about this particular workout is that even though I am modifying a lot of the moves, I am still getting drenched and breathing hard.  It is a keeper!

The pups were extremely happy to go walking today!  The poor things were cooped up in the house all day yesterday.  They did not like it one little bit, either.  Talk about mopey faces!  Both of them were moping the entire day!  So during the walk today, the pace was a fairly good clip.  I was concerned about Milo and how he was going to do.  On Wednesday, he was limping and a few times, it looked as though his right front leg was giving out on him.  However, he did fantastic!  I will still be keeping an eye on him regardless.

I had to send off an email to our Township Parks Department.  On the walk, I noticed several things other than the trash I missed or which someone so recently contributed.  On the trail, they have Doggy Waste Stations setup.  These are containers which hold the ‘Doggy Waste Bags’.  Responsible pet owners are able to grab one (or a couple) to take with them so they can clean up after their dogs.  Well, someone has vandalized the one I always walk by.  The Jack Wagon bent it so he/she could grab a box out.  This moron (or maybe morons) then proceeded to scatter them all along the trail.

Also on the trail are mile post markers.  They are located every two-tenths of a mile.  The posts at Mile Markers 1.2, 1.8 and 2.2 have been removed.  The one at 2.2 is completely gone.  The other two were laying on the ground not too far from where they are supposed to be.

Whomever did this, did it between 1230 on Wednesday (23 March) and 1200 today.  Since it was raining for almost the entire day yesterday, it probably happened some time during Wednesday night.  Because of this, I am seriously contemplating walking after work.  I shall invest in pepper spray and another form of non-lethal personal protection. Let those assholes try something when I’m walking . . .

While getting ready for work, the hubby came home.  I am VERY surprised at how early he made it home!  It so rarely happens.  We were able to chat for a bit before I headed out the door.  Something else that is rare for us to do.

So my exercise has been on point for the day.  What about my food?  I have stayed on track!  Even with having about 20 M&Ms!  I just need to get through the next two and a half hours and I should be in the clear.  🙂

These are my POSITIVE Works in Progress:

I Am Full of Energy


4 thoughts on “Day 75 – Fantastic Friday

    • Thank you! They absolutely did! I have two. One is a Golden Retriever/Great Pyrenees mix and the other is German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix. Honey is going to be six in May and Milo going to be eight in November. 😀

      Puppies are so much fun . . . And full of LOTS of energy! They grow up too fast, though!

      ❤ ❤


      • What a day you had , I can’t believe people would vandalize the park stuff line that . Jerks . 😡 You’re doing so great sticking with the weight loss journey, power to you !! ❤️🌷

        Liked by 1 person

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