Days 76 through 78 – The Pressure is On

A Few Bad Days

I need to remind myself of this after my weekend.  I ate crap-tastically between Saturday (Day 76) and Sunday (Day 77).  So, if the scale is up and the inches have not budged, I have no one to blame but myself.

I have walked the dogs every day.  I noticed Milo limping a lot today so we turned around just before we reached the 1.50 mark.  He seems to be OK if we only walk like two miles or so.  I will be keeping a close eye on him.  We may need to go see the doctor sooner rather than later.

For the next few weeks, I will be keeping my blogs short yet, hopefully, motivating and uplifting.  The pressure is on for me to get my CompTIA Network + Certification within the next 50 days.  So, it is going to be like I was back in school:  every spare moment is gong to be focused on getting my learn on.  I will be removing as many external distractions as possible.

There are a couple of things I will not be short-changing, though.  One is making sure I stay as close to my daily caloric allotment as possible and the other is staying on my workout rotation and dog walk schedule.  These two items are non-negotiable.

The exercise and daily walks are what keep me on an even keel.  They keep me grounded.  They keep me from turning into the evil, nasty, cranky bitch I become when I am being lazy and a slug.

Time for me to get ready for work.  Here is my positive thought for the day:

Good Habits


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