Day 81 – The End of the Month

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I do not know what it is about the end of this particular month, but it has been brutal at work.  We are down two people.  Normally, we are a team of five (Service Desk) and two (Desk Side Support).  We have one person out temporary additional duty and another on PTO.  This leaves three on the Service Desk.  The two on Desk Side Support have been pulled in to help.  However, as their jobs and responsibilities are different than ours (Service Desk), a lot of questions get asked.  Asking questions is good.  We like questions.

With me on second shift and not coming in until 1430, it puts a large burden on my team mates’ shoulders.  Thankfully, my boss wants me to come in early to help out.  Working with end users in three different time zones can be a tad bit challenging at times.  For me personally, I enjoy it.  I am used to dealing with people in multiple time zones.

Anyway, my plans have been to work on my CompTIA Network+ Certification course this week.  For the past several nights, it has been crazy-busy.  This means what I had intended to do does not get accomplished.  I really do not want to cram it all in this weekend, but it is looking like I just might have to.

I will probably be working a 12-hour day tomorrow.  This means I need to get up super early, walk the dogs, workout, and clean the house all before 1000.  This also means going to sleep as early as possible after getting off work.  Looks like I will be taking Benadryl to help knock me out!

This was the theme of the day:

Exercise in the Morning

I barely had my eyes open before I was heading out the door to walk the pups!  I wanted to get their walk in (2.68 miles) before the rains set in.  We were supposed to be rainy all day.  So, I made them walk faster than normal and go a shorter distance.  This way, poor Milo would not become a drowned rat!  He HATES getting wet!

When I got home, I knocked out Jiggle Free Buns and Jiggle Free Abs.  By the time I was done, I barely had time to run the vacuum and fold one load of laundry.  So at this very moment, I am debating if I want to knock out as many chores as possible before I hit the couch or if I just want to get up in the morning and run around like a chicken with its head cut off.

I may be able to knock some of the chores out now.  It is quiet on the work front.  (It wasn’t just a couple of hours ago!)  I think that is what I shall do as soon as I am done with this blog.  (Plus, it will give me that many more steps!  LOL)

I can tell Spring is here.  My blasted right eye is beginning to itch.  Stupid allergies.  I will be living on Allegra and Benadryl for the next few months.  Allergies definitely suck ass.

Last night, I was looking through my Measurements Log.  I came across a piece of paper which lists things to measure and just where to place the tape.  Looks like I may be changing my chart up a bit.  BUT . . . if I do that, I will feel as though I am starting over and that thought terrifies me!  This shall require contemplation.

As I maneuvered around all the blasted worms on the trail during the walk today, I got to thinking about how I see myself.  The person I see reflected in a full length mirror does not match the image I see when I look down at my body.

When I look in the mirror, I see a person who is morbidly and embarrassingly obese.  Her image is so large it all cannot fit in the mirror.  When I look down, I see an obese person who is big but not super big.  I am not sure if that even makes sense.  It’s as though I am seeing two completely different people.  It is like seeing your shadow . . . Depending on the light is how tall/short/fat/skinny you are.  Some days, I actually like what I see.  Sadly, those days are few and far between.

I am SOOOOO looking forward to the day when I can walk into a damn store and NOT have to go to the Womens or Plus Sized section!  I may not be there yet, but I am working on it!

So my positive thought for tonight is:

I Am Capable



4 thoughts on “Day 81 – The End of the Month

  1. “When I look in the mirror, I see a person who is morbidly and embarrassingly obese. Her image is so large it all cannot fit in the mirror. When I look down, I see an obese person who is big but not super big. I am not sure if that even makes sense”
    Makes sense to me!! I fully get where you’re coming from. I’m hanging out for the day I don’t avoid my reflection. We’ll get there eventually, good luck 🙂

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