Day 82 – The First of the Month

April 1st

In 30 days I will be turning the B-I-G 5-0!  A HALF CENTURY!  HOLY FREAKIN’ HELL!  I can honestly say I do not feel I am that old . . . mentally.  Physically, it is a whole different ball game!  However, I am working hard on changing that aspect.  🙂

Today the fur babies and I were able to get in 4.25 miles before the rain set in. I came home and completed Cardio Sculpt Blaster.  I am loving the fact it is only 30 minutes but makes me soaked with sweat.  I do not mind the longer workouts normally.  After walking four plus miles though, I can appreciate the shortness!

As I have to be to work  in four minutes, it is time for me to jump off this computer.  I just have to say this . . .

I Haven't Been This Excited

And . . .

I'm So Sad It's Friday


3 thoughts on “Day 82 – The First of the Month

  1. Any plans or special goals for April? I turn the big 3-5 at the end of April… But, weight loss wise I have set a goal of losing 9 pounds by May 1. And I will start trying for that goal as soon as I am done eating this cookie! Hope you are well, dear!


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