Day 89 – Reset Day


Well, today started out promising.  I was thisclose to having a full seven hours of sleep.  The sun was out briefly.  The pups and I got our walk started and had a good pace going, and then . . .

My body decided I needed to eliminate all the fluids I had taken in.  I knew there was no way I would make it to my office building or even the gas station that is not too far off the trail.  I refuse to use a Port-a-Potty unless it is a dire emergency.  (They recently installed one near where we get on the trail.)  So, the pups and I turned around and went home.  I’m fairly certain it was quite entertaining to see a grown woman doing the Pee-Pee Dance in the church parking lot where I park the car.

I made it home just in time.  I let the pups get some water and back out the door we went.  In the end, we completed 5.15 miles.  I started to do Cardio Sculpt Blaster but had to stop.  My left hip was bothering me.  It was not a good pain.  I listen to my body when it yells at me.  Today has turned into an unintentional Rest Day.

I will see how I am feeling on Sunday.  If I can walk and there is no indication of pain in that hip, I will make up the missing workout.

Th hubby’s birthday is on Sunday.  I have absolutely no clue what I am going to do for him.  He is so low key.  It’s not like he wants or needs anything.  If he wants something, he buys it.  If he needs something, he buys it.  I can’t buy clothes.  He wears jeans and t-shirts.  He bitches when I have him put a polo on.  To him, that is dressing up.  I tell hm he looks great in polos.  He says he feels like he’s playing ‘dress up’.  It is very frustrating!

So, I will probably treat him to wherever he would like to go for dinner tomorrow.  (Our luck, he will have to leave out at 1400 on Sunday.  😦 )  Since I am clueless, I will just get him a card and call it a day.  LOL

Even though my body is feeling every one of its almost 50 years and I am still hideously obese, I am working hard to keep a positive attitude and to stay the course.  I find myself still struggling to love and accept myself as I am in this moment.  I am a Work in Progress.

My positive for the day:

I Heart Fridays



5 thoughts on “Day 89 – Reset Day

  1. I thought I read it wrong but I went back and verified that you walked over 5 miles. Walking 5 miles is not a rest day! LOL! Is it your hip flexor that bothers you? Mine does from walking but not as much from running or jumping rope. Allan’s hips hurt him from walking, too. Just something to think about. I love Fridays, too! 🙂

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    • It is a Rest Day because I didn’t workout. I don’t consider walking the pups exercise (normally 😉). LOL

      No. It’s actually the hip joint itself. The one thing I do is make sure my body has worked out most of the kinks by the time we hit the trail.

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      • Oh, yes, I think I remember you saying you have to warm up your hip. At least you walked, I did no exercise yesterday or today. I think I overdid it the two days before that. Tomorrow, I will continue….

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      • Listen to the body! I am thinking rest is exactly what your body needs! Between carrying around an extra person for almost two decades and a degenerative issue in my lower back, I have learned the hard way to listen to mine. 😊

        Rest does a body and soul good!


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