Day 95 – Throw Back Thursday

Tuesday 14 April 1998

Man was I skinny back then!  It is hard to believe I have been married for 18 years as of today.  In the picture are the hubby, my mom, my brother (with his infamous mullet), my brother-in-law (who was manager of the restaurant at the time) and my childhood best friend (whom my daughter is named after).  Here’s the story . . .

I needed to get dependent ID cards for my oldest two children but for the life of me could not remember what I needed.  I had been out of the Marine Corps for about four months and totally forgot anything I knew (or at least it seemed that way!).  I called up the Reserve Center.  My (future) husband was happened to be the one to answer.

When people meet me, they either like me or hate me.  I’m either or.  No in between.  My husband decided he had to meet the crazy broad on the other end of the phone!  So, he popped on over to the restaurant.  (I was shift supervisor.)  He stayed until I locked up for the night.  Then, we proceeded to sit and talk in my car for hours.  We had so much in common, yet were complete opposites.

It was not love at first sight, but there was definitely something there.  We never really dated.  He was always busy doing his Marine Corps things and I was busy working two jobs and being a single, full-time mom.  We made it work, though.

He proposed to me at the same place we met.  He even got down on bended knee!  It was adorable . . . And probably the last time he was ‘romantic’ like that!  I figured we may as well keep the momentum going and get married there.  Yes.  I am that odd.  🙂

It was a Tuesday.  I worked a normal shift at my first job.  I left from there and headed to my second.  The owners had agreed to allow us to close the restaurant for about an hour so we could have the ceremony.  Unbeknownst to me, they had called the local news stations and newspapers.

I didn’t have a wedding dress.  I was just going to wear my work clothes.  My sister brought her wedding dress and my three kids.  I get changed into it and no one like the fact that my black bra was showing through.  So . . . I had to borrow her bra, too!  I definitely had the ‘something borrowed’ covered!  LOL  The officiant was my sister-in-law’s aunt.  It was definitely a very family-involved event!

Anyway, we closed the store down for about an hour.  Any customers left inside got to be a part of my day.  It was a pretty awesome day!  As soon as the ceremony was over, I went right back to work.  I never bothered to get someone to cover my shift.  It didn’t matter because everything worked out as it was supposed to.

Many people are shocked by how quickly we married after meeting each other.  The thing is, we both had been married before.  We knew what we did and did not want in a partner.  Here we are, 18 years later.  It has not always been the easiest of times.  Lord knows, I am not the easiest person to live with!  He has put up with a lot of shit from me.  If I were in his shoes, I probably would have either (a) divorced me or (b) smothered me with a pillow while I slept!  LOL

What works in our favor is neither of us are quitters.  We know it takes work from both of us to make it work.  No relationship is ever 50/50.  Some days it can be 60/40, 80/20, 25/75, or 100/0.  Relationships require people to work together.

At one point in time, we hit a rut.  He was doing his thing.  I was doing mine.  Neither of us were doing our thing.  It took some serious work from both of us to get us back to a good spot.  There have been some rough patches along the way, but that one was the worst.

The one thing I know for sure is I lucked out when I got him!

A Great Marriage

And this is definitely my husband . . .

Marriage Is


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