Days 96 – 100 – More Life Changes

Hang In There

Life has changed for me . . . again.  Because I really need to study for my CompTIA Network+ Certification exam, I am going to make this a Cliff Notes version.

On Day 95, my niece and great niece moved in.  She was tossed out for lying to my sister-in-law.  This would be the same niece who was working to get her shit together after escaping an abusive relationship.  She lied and was sneaking around talking to Douche Bag Baby Daddy – her abuser.  One of the MAJOR rules in our families:  DO NOT LIE.  She lied directly to my sister-in-law’s face.  It was one lie too many.  So, she tossed her out.

My niece has burnt so many bridges when she was with Douche Bag Baby Daddy, she really has no where else to go.  She was told when she came here that if she lies to me, she will be out.  She will have no where to go and the baby will be in the System. I did tell her one of two things will happen should she decide to get back with him:  (1) He WILL go after her and the baby will not keep her safe; and (2) one or the both of them will end up in body bags.  I asked her if that is what she wants for her daughter.  Thankfully, she said no!  However, if she does decide to go back to him once he is released from the Half-Way House, I will be the one to call Child Protective Services to report her.  She has an open case with them.  She was warned if she does go back to him, the WILL remove the baby from her care/custody.  She has been warned.

Friday (Day 96) was babysitting day.  Since she was tossed out late in the evening, she really did not have an opportunity to make childcare arrangements.  So, Auntie Patti offered to watch Baby C.  The baby and I took the pups for a 3.93 mile walk.  She loved it.  Of course, she ended up falling asleep on the walk home.  When we got home, she got to sit on the couch while I worked out.  She was highly entertained, if I judged her amused 15-month-old baby laugh correctly!

On Saturday (Day 97), the pups and I went for a 4.02 mile walk.  On Sunday (Day 98), the pups and I walked 3.33 miles.  On Monday (Day 99), we walked 3.85 miles and then came home so I could do Supercharged Sculpting.  I ended up only doing about 20 minutes of it.  I felt drained.  Today (Day 100), I did Fat Blasting Cardio.  I ended up short-changing it, too.

I am really tired.  I haven’t been sleeping overly well these past five days or so.  It comes down to trust.  Or rather, my lack of it.  I am not very trusting.  I have told her, she lies, she goes.  Period.  No questions asked.  Where she goes will not be my problem.  How she survives will not be my problem.  Harsh?  Extremely.  However, it is possibly the only way she will learn.

There truly is so much more to this story.  This particular chapter will take hours to write . . . Hours I, unfortunately, do not have at the moment.

When I started this Journey . . . 2016 The Year of My New Beginning, it was a means to hold me accountable.  I’ve been slipping a little.  I’m struggling.  My food intake has been horrendous.  BUT . . . I am still working it.  I am walking the pups every day.  I am trying to workout four to five times per week.

I just need to get the food thing under control.  Time to go shopping so I can start the prepping.  It’s been tested and it works.  Now I just need to apply it.

Ok . . . Temporary Pity Party over.  Time to get back to studying.  Here is my positive for the day:

Ups and Downs


16 thoughts on “Days 96 – 100 – More Life Changes

  1. Sounds kind of like a long week/weekend for you, too. 😦

    Food is so much harder to conquer for us, too. You can make exercise as easy or difficult as you want, but food remains a beast no matter what . You just want it to taste so good and not over eat.

    Axel is a January 2015 babe, he’s around the same age as your great-sweet pea. ❤

    And I agree with the rules for neice . Such a tough situation, am praying for clear decision making & safety !

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, Ma’am. It was a long weekend. It will take time to adjust. I know the poor baby is having a hard go of it. Her whole world was turned upside down last November when they escaped the abusive situation. And now it has been turned upside down yet again. Hopefully, she will adjust soon. The whole crying thing and I do not get along! I did not tolerate it from any of my kids (unless there was a bonafide reason such as an injury) or my nieces and nephews. However, I will put up with it for a little bit as I know she does not understand what is going on.

      Food is definitely harder to conquer! I am trying to figure out why all the bad stuff has to taste so decadently awesome! LOL I feel food is going to forever be a battle with me. 😦

      Prayers are definitely appreciated!

      ❤ ❤


  2. It’s so nice of you to take in your niece. I’m sure she will respect the fact that you’ve taken her in and won’t lie to you, especially if she has nowhere else to go. Definitely agree with your plans if she does want to get back with the abusive partner though. A child shouldn’t be in that environment 🙂
    Also good luck for your exam!! 🙂

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    • I agree! Thankfully, she realizes this. We were having a discussion this evening about it. I told her I will not lecture her or yell at her as it will do no good. I simply state the facts and let her decide how she wants to proceed. She is 23 and a mother. She knows whatever she decides to do will have an impact on her life AND her daughter’s. Only time will tell what will be. :-\

      Thank you! I shall need all the luck I can get! 🙂

      ❤ ❤


  3. Lots going on, eh? (That’s my Canadian coming out!) You are giving the right kind of tough love, and I agree with tryingnottohate – a child shouldn’t be in that environment, so you are taking the right steps, putting a good foundation in place, to keep her safe!

    Food, food, food…always an issue, I’m curious – are there other people that only eat right 100% of the time, have no cravings, and don’t let it run their lives, and only eat when they are hungry? Is that a real thing? Can this be learned? If you find out how this is accomplished, please tell me – and I will do the same for you!!

    You have a lot on your plate right now, take it easy and be good to you! 🙂

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    • I love when your Canadian comes out! It is adorable! ❤ ❤

      I know what you mean about food! If I ever find out if eating right 100% of the time is a 'real' thing, you will be one of the first ones to know!

      I did manage to buy healthy stuff today. HOWEVER, I am wanting a blasted custard filled donut in the worst way!! :-O Sadly, Dunkin Donuts is closed and I have no cash on me . . . Otherwise, I'd be sending the niece out to get me some! LOL

      ❤ ❤


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