Day 101 – Almost Full Moon

Almost Full Moon

The wackiness seems to be in full force pre-full moon!  This morning I got up early so I could get the daily walk out of the way before I did my errand running.  I went to change my nose ring today and could not, for the life of me, get the blasted thing in!  I said, “forget it” and out the door we went.  We were poking along but not really poking along.  We encountered a couple of older ladies (probably late 50s/early 60s) out for a walk.  They were well ahead of us but because we were ‘on a mission,’ we caught up to them and ended up passing them up.

We were at about the two mile mark of the walk when I happened to look at the time.  I went into stress mode because I had a 0830 appointment and I was still at least 20 minutes from the car!  We picked up the pace even more.  The pups were happy, though.  It was a fast-paced walk but the temperature was still comfortable.

Thankfully, I received a text from my Nail Technician.  He was running late, too, so I did not feel so horrible.  🙂  The pups and I got home, I gave them their DentaStix and I headed to the bathroom to try and get the blasted nose ring in.  Suffice it to say, I did not get very far before I had to fly out the door.

I had my mani-pedi.  The nice thing about sitting in that chair is I can relax.  Andrew does most of the talking . . . now.  It used to be me doing most of it.  He has me in his phone as ‘Patti Springer’ because of all the drama I used to have happening in my life.  “Jerry Springer ain’t got shit on my family!” is a statement I frequently make    LOL

As a fact, my niece and  I were talking about that earlier.  We both agreed with all the crap that has transpired in our lives, we could have books, movies and television shows written about us.  And the best part?  Every last word would be true!  Not one single thing would need to be staged for dramatic effect or for entertainment purposes!  Yes.  My family is that bloody crazy!

So anyway . . . I was able to relax and think of nothing while I pampered my feet and hands. Once I was finished there, I ran my other errands:  vet, eye doctor and healthy food power-shopping.

As soon as I got home the second time, I immediately prepped eight meals . . . Or salads depending on how you view a large salad.  For the ones without the chicken, I will be probably add some beans.  I LOVE beans!  I may even sauté some corn to toss on them.

I cleaned up and then got ready for work.  On my way, I stopped at a Tattoo/Piercing Shop that is about 30 seconds from my house (by car).  I walked in and said I needed help because I am a dumbass.  It took a professional to get the nose ring in.

I also learned something new while there.  The nose ring has to go through two layers.  When trying to put a nose ring in, if one does not get it to go all the way through, one will have the screw part (like me) or L-Bend wedged up in the in-between layers!  This would explain why I was causing my nose to bleed.  LOL  The YouTube videos I viewed made it look like it was easy-peasy.  Yeah . . . Not so much!  It was the best $10 I ever spent!

I did not do an aerobic workout today.  I ended up running out of time.  However, by pushing the dogs and myself as I did this morning, I feel I still wound up with a great workout.  🙂

I am working on regaining the momentum I had going before at the very beginning of this journey.  I cannot afford to slide backwards.  I shall keep pushing forward.  As my friend, Jenn, reminded me:  Rome was not built in a day.


My Positive for the day:

Exercise to Be Fit


8 thoughts on “Day 101 – Almost Full Moon

  1. That’s right my friend! Seems like it was a crazy, busy day! Good for you getting your salads prepped! That is awesome, starting you out on a good note! Your walk today was probably in double time so I wouldn’t worry about the cardio, you are doing great! ❤️💜👍😃

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  2. Hey, those salads sound good! Is this nose piercing new? Oh, and I only see weight loss as a tag, you can also put motivation, inspiration, exercise, fitness, personal, meal prep ~ You will have a bigger audience this way, unless you already are doing this and I just can’t see it ~ or you don’t want a bigger audience. ☺So many choices.

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    • I try to put as many categories and tags as I think apply to my posts as possible. Sometimes I forget to add them, though. If I do, try to go back and add them. I have added Motivation, Inspiration, Personal and Meal Prep. Never really thought about those! Thank you for the suggestion! 🙂

      I got the nose ring on 4 January 2016. I had wanted one for years and decided now that I am turning a Half Century, I have earned the right to do whatever the hell I want! 😀

      ❤ ❤

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