My Absolute Favorite Prince Song

Prince 1999 Album Cover

This album is from 1982.  There is a song on this album – Free – which really speaks to me.  It has right from the very first.  The message applied back when it was originally written and very much applies to the Present Day.

Don’t sleep until the sunrise

Listen to the falling rain

Don’t worry bout tomorrow,

Don’t worry bout your pain

Don’t cry unless you’re happy,

Don’t smile unless you’re blue

Never let that lonely monster

Take control of U


Be glad that U are free, free

To change your mind

Free to go most anywhere


Be glad that U are free, there’s

Many a man who’s not

Be glad for what U had baby

What you’ve got


I know your hear is beating,

My drummer tells me so

But if U take your life for

Granted your beating heart will go

So don’t sleep until you’re

guilty, cause sinners all are we

There are others doin far worse

Than us so be glad that U are free




The soldiers are a marching

They’re writing brand new laws

We will all fight together for

The most important cause

Will we all fight for the right to be free?



You can listen to it here.


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