Days 109 – 111 – Not As Bad As It Could Have Been

Sometimes in Life

Took the measurements on Thursday, 28 April (Day 109).  They weren’t as bad as I thought they were going to be.  My eating really has been horrific for the past couple of months.  I started off so strong and then sorta just petered out.  Even though I’ve made really poor food choices – especially on the weekend – I do try to keep the caloric intake reasonable.  With that being said, let’s get to the results:

Thursday, 6 April 2016

Thursday, 27 April 2016

Difference +/-

Upper Chest



No Change








No Change

Upper Arm



No Change




No Change

Upper Hip




Lower Hip




Upper Thigh







No Change









So, I definitely have my work cut out if I want to drop at least 10 pounds within the next 23 days.  If I cannot drop the 10 pounds, then my goal is to drop one clothing size – this would put me into a 16W.  Either way, I want to be smaller!

Seriously, I have NO ONE to blame but myself.  I cannot keep eating crap and expect to see results.  It does not work that way.  I know this yet I continue to make the same damn poor choices.  Just what the hell is keeping me from making the proper choices?!

I turn 50 in two days.  FIFTY!  I remember when that number used to seem so far away and it used to seem so old.  In the grand scheme of things, it is only a mere blink of an eye.  My body may be telling me it is not as young as it used to be, but my mind tells me a completely different message!

At 50, I have earned the right to do just about whatever the hell I want . . . Whether it is piercing my nose or painting the walls of my house all sorts of different colors.  I pierced my nose in January.  Every room in my house is a different color (except the master bath which is the same color as my oldest son’s bedroom).  I have a red-orange in the kitchen; a pale melon-ish color in the dining room; sage green in the family room; neon green and emerald green in the laundry room; dark and light purple in my daughter’s room (which is now my office); a teal-ish color in my oldest son’s room; red and charcoal-ish on my youngest son’s walls; chocolate raspberry and seagull beige in the living room; a silver green-ish in the master bedroom; and sage green and light purple in the retreat.  According to my daughter, it looks like a Crayola Crayon box threw up in my house.  LOL  But you know what?  I do not care.  The colors make me happy.  If someone comes to my house and does not like the colors, too damn bad.  They don’t have to come back.  Ha

Anyway . . . The pups and I walk have walked at least 3.64 miles every day.  Yesterday (Day 110) we walked 3.78.  Today (Day 111) we walked 3.74.  I have completed Lower Body Fix (Thursday) and Cardio Fix (Friday) but did not do Dirty Thirty today.  The hubby is home.  I do not workout if I have others in the house.  It is my ME time.  Plus, I do not like having an audience.

Prince Smiling

During the walk, I listened to Prince.  He has been a part of almost every single play list I have ever put together.  As the pups and I cruised along, I got to thinking about how gifted he was. I thought about how he was ahead of the times on so many things.  And then I thought about the media and the media frenzy surrounding his death.

Yes, his death is MAJOR news.  He is a public persona.  However, it does not give them the right to go looking for a scandal or make his death a big scandal.  It does not matter what caused his death.  The only thing which matters is he is gone.  Forever.  Leave him alone and let him rest in peace.

UGH!  Let me stop.  I do not wish to have my mood ruined by negativity.  Thinking about the intrusive paparazzi will do that.  This is the weekend.  Rain or no rain, it means no work!  Positive thoughts!  Positive thoughts!

I know I am my own worst enemy.  Am I committing self-sabotage?  Do I want to fail and remain the size of two people for the rest of my life?  Am I too comfortable or am I afraid of stepping outside of my comfort zone?  Just what is it that is holding me back and keeping me from making good food choices?

One of the things I struggle with where meal planning is concerned is making meals for ONE.  I find recipes or menus I really want to make or try but they typically serve four.  Then there are the ingredients.  If something calls for 1 teaspoon or 1 tablespoon of something, I am usually left with this big ol’ container of something I may or may not ever use again.

It probably would not be so bad if I had another person here who would eat the meals, too.  My nieces do not get home until late (she does it so it’s as close to the baby’s bedtime as possible since I work from home mostly).  My husband is gone Sunday through Friday.  The kids are all grown and out of the house.  Not that this matters because the boys definitely would not eat my “healthy shit” anyway!  LOL

SHEESH!  I need to get up off my ass and get shit done rather than sitting here whining and doing the ‘woe is me’ thing.  Excuses.  They are like assholes.  Everyone has one and they all stink.

Menu planning and meal preparation.  Two things I MUST work on if I plan to be successful.  Because this is the Year of My New Beginning, I DO plan to be successful.

My struggle is real.  My determination is real.  The ONLY one who will be able to make my success real is me.

My positive message to Myself:

Be Stonger Than Your Excuses



7 thoughts on “Days 109 – 111 – Not As Bad As It Could Have Been

  1. As much as it is a giant pain, meal planning is literally the best tool ever for nutrition management! I bought this “What to Eat” pad* which offers pleasant sarcasm around meal planning, while actually being helpful! It is also magnetic so it can live right on the fridge, and isn’t a super heavy lift each week.


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  2. Wait, is your birthday today? It might be. If it’s not then I’m close, I think. Regardless, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BLOG FRIEND! 🎂🎁🎉👑 Also, I love sage green.

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