Almost Three Years Later and It Still Bothers Me – Part 3

Being A Parent

I began the tale of Mr I-Do-Not-Have-Children-To-Pass-My-Legacy-On-To in Part 1 and Part 2 .  I’m trying really hard to not get worked up but just reading this makes my blood boil!  Being a parent involves so much.  I love each and every one of my kids.  My love for them knows no bounds.  I would give my life for theirs without hesitation.  Life was not always easy with them.  I would not trade a single moment, though.

So, Mr I-Do-Not-Have-Children-To-Pass-My-Legacy-On-To could not just leave it.  He had to make a come-back statement . . .

I always thought I would be there for my child too.  I had visions of the same kind of family I grew up in.  This was not the family I hoped for when I was 18.  I imagined having children of my own part of my life with a woman I would live to the end of my life with.  Sometimes our best laid plans don’t happen as we hoped.  I truly hope you do get the family of your dreams.  Unfortunately I met that woman too late in both our lives to have children and be sure we would not be retiring when they themselves graduated high school.

There was never going to be an easy way to integrate you into two worlds and multiple lives.  You got caught in the middle, and it is what it is.  For that I am truly sorry.  Someday we will both grow old, and maybe bonds will be build.  I cannot even say they can be mended they never really existed.  I did try, I did want to, but 1 or two weeks over 16 years was never going to allow me to be a father.  You will never know the pain I have felt, the heartache I have been through.  I cannot possibly understand it in the other direction, but we are where we are.

You can no longer play the child card, you are more than capable of making your own decisions and choosing your wants, likes, and path.  at nearly 40 years old with no children of our own, J and I are moving on with the next stages of our lives together.  We have no legacy to leave, nobody to raise in our morals and values, just each other.  You and you alone now must make your decisions on who and where you want to be associated with.  There is no more child in you, there is a man that can think for himself and choose as he wants.

May you be blessed with the best life possible and all the things you wish to achieve.

OK . . . MoMma Bear has had enough.  She cannot keep quiet any longer.  So I send him a letter.  I shall make that Part 4 as it has 2,125 words.


7 thoughts on “Almost Three Years Later and It Still Bothers Me – Part 3

  1. What??? Um, what??? Ok – and to boot he’s still in his 30’s – the way he was talking I thought he was way older, he had plenty of chances to leave a legacy, he’s just out to blame other people, and what about the legacy he has left, was his son not good enough to be a legacy??? Oh my god, I’m just ranting now, wow… I mean, oh wow… Doesn’t he remember 18, that might be legally deemed to be an adult, but in reality, we all know 18 is not an adult…

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    • Exactly. NO ONE is fully an adult at 18. There is still so much learning to be done . . . Even if one had to grow up fast (AKA mature). See why this shit still bothers me three years later?!



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