Day 115 – It Feels Like Winter Has Returned

I Hope You Enjoyed 75 Degrees.jpg

Well, maybe it was not quite 75 (it only got up to like 56ish), but it is 41 and windy as hell here today!  Thank you to my Canadian friends for sending some wind across the Great Lakes!  You guys are wonderful at sharing!  ❤  ❤

Today is Measurements Day:

Thursday, 27 April 2016

Thursday, 4 May 2016

Difference +/-

Upper Chest



No Change




No Change





Upper Arm







No Change

Upper Hip




Lower Hip




Upper Thigh







No Change









Even though I have not been working out (walking only), I am doing pretty good.  My eating is FAR from perfect.  I have been reigning it in.  I know I will not reach the goal I had set for the 20th.  Let’s be honest.  It was unrealistic.  It may have happened had I not ‘fallen off the wagon’ about a month or so ago.  It has cost me.

Just because I did not reach my goal of getting below 200, nor the goal of getting into a 16W, does not mean I have failed.  I am not going to adopt my former defeatist attitude of “Well, I did not make it so it means I can eat whatever the hell I want and not bother with trying to lose weight anymore!”

I have created a much more realistic goal.  I WILL be a size 16W by Wednesday, 17 August 2016.  This goal can be achieved because it is 104 days away.  That is MORE than enough time.  If I work hard and lose only one pound each week, that is 15 pounds.  There will be weeks where I lose more and some where I lose less.  The point is, I have the time to slowly, healthfully and steadily lose the weight and inches.

I need to remember to take BABY STEPS.  I did not wind up as I am today in one giant leap.  I certainly am not going to get where I want to be, either.

Two weeks ago, my husband, brother, his wife, one of my brothers-in-law, and several nieces and nephews were at my mom’s cleaning up her backyard.  It was overgrown and had an accumulation of things people had left over the years.

The Monday afterward, my sister-in-law calls the hubby up and asks him if he had poison ivy on him.  He said he had never had a reaction to it before . . . Until this year.  When she called him.  And jinxed him.  LOL  He got home that weekend and showed me his arm.  He said, “Does THIS look like poison ivy?!  This is all T’s fault!  I never had a problem with it until she said something!”  I could do nothing but laugh.

Me?  I am highly allergic to it.  I got a bad case of it when I was about 14 and have steered clear of it ever since.  Until this year.  Now I have it all over my torso.  What makes this so bad, you ask?  I stayed home!  I was studying all bloody day!  I think I may have come into contact with it when I went to do the laundry.  It is hard to say.  The only thing I know is I have splotches of it all over my torso!

If murder were legal, I probably would do that this weekend!  LOL  It is so hard to NOT scratch!  When it first appeared, I thought some bug had gotten a hold of me.  As the days passed with no indication the spots were going away, I knew what it was and where it came from.  Happy camper, I am not!  Here’s hoping it clears up FAST!

I shall end on a postive. . .

It Took More Than


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