Days 116 – 125 – I Am WAY Behind!

I'm Still Here

I apologize for disappearing!  I have been studying for my CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam and trying to get ready for my 50th Birthday Party.  I have fallen behind on reading everyone’s blogs.  However, I DO plan on catching up here within a few days.  Here is a run down on the latest:

  • Still walking my wonderful pups every day.
  • Postponing working out AND walking together until after everyone leaves . . . In other words, I will be starting the workouts over on 30 May 2016.
  • Whilst eating dinner last night, one of my expensive teeth came out.  It was one with a crown on it – the first tooth to get a crown.  (I had two with crowns but am down to one until Monday . . . Unless told otherwise by the dentist!)  Luckily, I already had a root canal done on it or I would be in a world of hurt right now!
  • The hubby has been home since Thursday, 12 May.  He’s working on things he never has time for during his normal off times.
  • The stepchildren will not be coming out for the party.  The stepdaughter has a legitimate reason.  The stepson . . . Not so much.
  • Mother’s Day was spent with just the fur babies and I.
  • I have been dealing with Poison Ivy for almost two weeks now.  The hubby helped clean up my mother’s yard.  Because the oils were all over his hands and he touched my bath towel, I ended up getting it all over my torso and in places one should NEVER have poison ivy!  :-S
  • I am on call for Jury Duty all this coming week.  This means I have to call in after 1730 Friday the 13th to see if I have to report for Monday (I don’t!) and then again Monday through Thursday to see if I need to report the next day.

There is a whole lot more, but sadly, if I want to accomplish everything I need to I must stop here for now.

I WILL be back soon!  There will be lots to talk about, that’s for sure!

Until then, I leave you with this positive thought . . .

Make Today So Awesome


9 thoughts on “Days 116 – 125 – I Am WAY Behind!

  1. So sorry about the poison ivy breakout 😦 That can’t be any fun. Happy Birthday in advance, Happy 50th!!! What is the exact date of your birthday? Missing your posts.

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    • 2 May is my actin birthdate. I’m having a birthday party on the 21st. It’s when I was able to coordinate my children’s schedules. Thank you for the birthday wishes!! 💜💜. Having poison ivy really sucks. Thankfully it’s starting to clear up!!! 😊

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  2. Happy belated birthday! Mine is the 29th. I’m thinking I won’t celebrate this year, but double next year? That’s if God sees me through next year.

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      • Partially because I have a 7 week vacation coming up at years end, so my funds would be low. I would do something to celebrate that day, but not something huge with fam & friends.

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      • I didn’t celebrate any of the decade milestone years (20, 30, and 40) for various reasons. I hit the half century mark this year, I decided to go ahead and celebrate. Otherwise, it would have just been another day. 😊

        Seven weeks??!! That is awesome!!


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