The Adventures of MOtis and Zoey


We LOVE to cuddle with each other! But we are NOT fond of doggies!

This is the story about MOtis and Zoey, my grand fur babies.  They rode 15 hours in a vehicle with their parents (my daughter and son-in-law) to be here for my 50th Birthday Party.

MOtis is a hyperactive, psychotic husky-mix.  He loves EVERYTHING – from scorpions to bees to kitty cats – even though the feelings are NOT reciprocated!

Zoey is a calm, sometimes vocal, blue heeler-mix.  She does not love everything as her brother does.  She loves to run and play and does not seem to know how to rest when needed.

Both LOVE to play in the kiddie pool.  They will hop in, lay down long enough to get their bellies wet and then hop right back out.  Zoey doesn’t mind standing under the nozzle part; however, MO sure does.  He takes off running as though he has demons on his tail!

MOtis and Zoey love Grandma’s backyard.  It is their very own private dog park!  It comes complete with a pool, small wooded area, trees for shade and a deck, too.  It has almost everything a dog could ever want.  Oh . . . There are even demonic squirrels who love to do nothing but tease and torment the pups!

On Sunday evening (22 May), MO and Zoey’s parents left for their vacation within a vacation.  This meant they, along with Marshmallow the Bunny, got to stay with Grandma (AKA me).

Now Grandma has two pups and two kitty cats.  Honey and Milo were not too sure about these young whipper-snappers invading their territory.  The kitties absolutely HATE this invasion!  Lots of growling and hissing on their parts!

One would not be faulted for thinking growling and hissing are indicators to leave well-enough alone.  For some reason, MOtis fails to comprehend this.  He continuously tries to play with them.  MissTer and Mittens are having none of it!

Zoey, on the other hand, tries to segregate herself.  She prefers to play with MOtis only.  This means Zoey stays out of trouble!  The kitties do not bother her and she does not bother them.

Last night, while Grandma was working, MOtis decided to test the waters wtih MissTer.  He ended up getting tagged on the nose for his efforts.  This led to what can only be described as a Saturday morning cartoon dog and cat chase.

MissTer had hopped up onto my desk and was sitting directly in front of my keyboard.  MOtis is to the right of my chair.  After he gets tagged on the nose, he decides it is really time to play.  MO jumps up and puts his paws on the desk.  This startles MissTer who ends up flipping over the keyboard in his haste to get away from the demonic creature after him.

MissTer jumps off the desk and rus out of the office.  He heads into the laundry room with MO hot on his tail.  MissTer finds no place to quickly hide and darts out of the laundry room under and through the legs of MOtis.

There is this black streak flying through the family room and into the dining room.  He attempts to jump up on a kitchen counter but ended up falling to the ground.  MO catches up to him at this point.  Now comes the cartoon dog and cat chase scene . . .

(My kitchen floor is linoleum.  The animals cannot get traction if they are running.  Their feet keep moving even though their bodies stay stationery.)

Poor MissTer!  His poor feet were trying like hell to get him away from the demonic puppy.  At one point, he seemed to find a little traction on a throw rug on the floor in front of the stove.  And then . . . he was slammed into the kitchen cabinet when MO caught up to him!

MO tries to pick MissTer up by his back.  It was at this point Grandma had to intervene.  She did not want a dead kitty on her hands!

MO lets MissTer go.  MissTer proceeds to run into the living room where he literally tries to climb up the window.  I was finally able to catch the cat.  I held him well away from me as I was not in the mood to have any portion of my anatomy shredded by kitty claws!

I set MissTer on the counter where the cat food and water dishes are.  MissTer decides he has had enough.  He hauls ass to the counter where my microwave sits.  He squeezed into the space behind the microwave . . . where he still sits!

I hollered at and scolded MO for being a very naughty boy.  Zoey goes into pout mode.  Poor girl, thought she was the one being hollered at!

As of this moment, all is quiet.  All four dogs, the two cats and the bunny are all napping.  Grandma is loving the peace and quiet . . .

Smile Have a Wonderful Wednesday


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