Day 1 But Really Day 143

All About Me Lists

Today is actually Day 143 of my New Beginning.  However, I am borrowing an idea from my Blog Friend,  tryingnottohate.  She discovered this nifty little Blog Challenge.  I will have to play catch up with Days 139 – 142 in a bit.  Without further ado, here are 20 Random Facts about me:

  1. I am a United States Marine – but no longer on Active Duty.
  2. I have had four miscarriages.
  3. I have three rainbow children.
  4. I operated on four hours of sleep per night for almost 17 years.  (It is the price I paid for having children!  LOL)
  5. The sounds of certain farts make me think of hippos as they wag their tails swishing pooh around.  (NO!  I have NEVER claimed to be normal!)
  6. My husband and I did not go on our first “official” date until we had been married for three months.
  7. I did not meet my in-laws until I had been married for 12 years.
  8. I have two stepchildren from my first marriage whom I still have a wonderful relationship with . . . Even though I have not been with their father for over 24 years!
  9. Two of my children (biological) have not met my stepson.  All three have met my stepdaughter, though.
  10. I have a list.  A Shit List.  If you get on said list, you could drop dead in front of me and I would just step over your body and keep walking.  If you get on this list and murder were legal, I would slit your throat just for shits and giggles.  This list is VERY small.  There are only three people on it. On of whom is already dead.
  11. When I become friends with someone, I will remain friends for life.
  12. I love animals.  I believe special places should be reserved in Hell for those who abuse animals.
  13. I also believe a special place in Hell should be reserved for pedophiles, rapists and murderers.
  14. I am VERY against drinking and driving (driving while intoxicated/driving under the influence).  If a person i s arrested for this and a trial ensues, that person will not receive a fair trial if I am on the jury.  To me, he or she is guilty until proven innocent.  Why?  Because that represents the one time he/she got caught.  How many times did he/she take not only my life, but those of my family and friends into their hands?  It’s OK if they have a death wish, but my loved ones and I do not.
  15. I LOVE the desert.  29 Palms, California was my favorite place to live.
  16. Before I got my ears pierced for the second time (and it was cool to have double-pierced ears), I would wear two pairs of earrings in the same hole.  Sadly, this stretched out the bottom hole.
  17. I love having my feet massaged.  When done properly, it is more intimate than spooning . . . at least for me.  🙂
  18. I hate baths.  I feel like I’m sitting in my own filth.  It totally creeps me out!
  19. I go on mad cleaning sprees whenever I have get-togethers at my house.  My husband and kids constantly tell me I clean stuff that does not need to be cleaned.  LOL
  20. I have separation anxiety if I am gone for more than a few hours from my pups.  I definitely miss them as much as they miss me!

There you have it . . . Day 1 is complete.

A Positive Attitude May Not


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