Day 2 But Really Day 144

F-E-A-R Has Two Meanings

So today, Thursday, 2 June 2016, is actually Day 144 of my New Beginning.  However, because I am going to do a 30 Day Blog Challenge, this is Day 2.  On Day 2, I am to “Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears.”  So here goes.

  1. ELECTRICITY:  One day, as a child of 8, I was doing dishes.  My father was in the garage installing a huge air compressor.  He grounded the house.  At that same moment, my hands were in the dishwater.  I was thrown backwards.  When I got up, I was shaking so badly I couldn’t speak.  My mom and grandmother were in the house with me.  They were trying to figure out what happened because I was trying not to cry and shaking uncontrollably.  I dared not to cry.  It was one thing you did not do around my father.  He was in a foul mood and grounding the house made it worse.  He went ape shit when he learned what had happened to me.  I was almost 17 years old before I ever plugged in an appliance!.  To this very day, if a wire/cord or an outlet looks questionable, I have someone else deal with it.

    I am so terrified of electricity that I even made my children plug stuff in for me!  Terrible parenting, I know.  Thankfully, they have never been zapped or suffered ill-effects from my fear!

  2. ABANDONMENT:  Even after all these year, I am still afraid of being abandoned.  I fear being abandoned by my husband and children.  This stems from my father abandoning me when I was 12.
  3. FAILURE:  I know, in order to learn and grow, a person must experience failure.  In my mind, though, failure equates to not being good enough.  It equates to being a disappointment to my children, husband, family and friends.  Irrational as those thought processes are, it is how my mind thinks.

And with that, I shall leave on this note:

Fear is Not Real


6 thoughts on “Day 2 But Really Day 144

    • I know it’s terrible of me for preferring my kids (or anyone else for that matter) to get zapped than for me to. That’s how afraid I am of it! Patti does not play when it comes to electricity!



  1. Wow your electricity story was insane. I can totally understand why you’re afraid of it. It’s a shame your dad wasn’t more understanding that you could have been seriously hurt.
    Love the quote at the end 🙂

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