Days 139 – 142 – Time to Play Catch-Up

Slow Down and Enjoy

I apologize in advance if this seems all over the place.  I’ve been doped up on Benadryl for most of the day.  The allergies are as out of control as my eating has been!

Well, I have many days to cover.  I am not sure if I remember what happened on each day.  I just know I was pretty much a slug for almost the entire month of May.  I majorly slacked in the exercise and eating healthfully areas.

I did not walk Honey and Milo at while Zoey and MOtis were here.  Not only was it warm, I was not sure how Honey and Milo would handle walking with them.  They were rather grumpy which surprised us because they pretty much always get along with other dogs.  It could have been because the grand fur babies appeared to be “invading” my fur babies’ space.  Maybe they were trying to establish dominance.  I just do not know.  Toward the end of their visit, all four pups were getting on fairly well.  Figures, huh?!  😖

We had family portraits taken on Sunday, 22 May 2016.  Our photographer sent me the link with the ones she has uploaded.  Oh. My. Gosh!  They came out magnificently!  Well, at least the ones of the kids and the hubby.  Me, not so much.  It really is a shame the stepchildren could not be here for them.    Here are a few of them:

I think I have it figured out which ones are going to be made canvases, 16×20, 8x10s, 5x7s, 4x6s and wallets.

I really HATE myself in them.  However, I am working to change that.  It is not easy.  The pictures do not lie.  There is no magic pill to fix it, either.  Holy Hell is it ever a bitter pill to swallow!  I shall choke it down and move forward.

For my birthday, the hubby and a friend of ours built a deck.  (I talked about it here.)  On Tuesday, 24 May (Day 135), I was sitting out on the steps.  Honey decided she wanted be near me.  Rather than going around to the front of the steps, she would go through the bars.  (I have never claimed to have a normal dog!)  Believe it or not, she was not stuck!

I resumed walking the pups on Wednesday (Day 143).  I really need to get my behind up by 0530 so I can take them at first light.  If I do not, it gets too hot for them.  I will not be taking them on Monday, 6 June (Day 148) and maybe Tuesday, also.  That is when I will be having my tooth removed from my mouth.

The crown that came off could not be replaced.  Oral surgery it is.  We have to be there by 0750.  I will take care of filling out the paperwork and payment before I get knocked out.  I am very glad my dentist does the IV sedation.  No way in hell do I want to be awake while he cuts and yanks the tooth out!

When I requested the day off, my boss recommended I take Tuesday off as well.  He wants to make sure I do not have any residual issues.  I really do not want to take the extra day, but I do see the logic in doing so.

Anyway . . . The month of May is gone.  I need to let it go and forgive myself.  What is done is done and cannot be undone.  I am picking up the pieces and moving forward.  I have a goal to reach.  I have 74 days in which to drop one clothing size and drop 20 pounds.  I can do it.  I WILL do it!

I Am Strong



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